Yoshimune Miyoshi (三好 吉宗, Miyoshi Yoshimune) is the main character in the Durarara!! 3 way standoff game and manga. He is often called Yoshiyoshi by his friends and other characters in the game.

His handle name is Eight in the chat room, and Hachidaime (Eighth Successor) in the Dollars. Two of these nicknames come from his old school because his first name, Yoshimune, sounds similar to a Shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Yoshimune.

Characteristics Edit


Yoshimune has reddish brown hair and eyes of the same color. He often wears his his Raira Academy school uniform with a white jacket he wears over.


Yoshimune is a person who adapts easily to new places because of frequent moves and often likes to have fun. It is also said that he has a great ability to listen to others.


Yoshimune moves to Ikebukuro and meets all the characters on his first days, becoming friends with all of them. He becomes the fourth member in the high school trio. Depending on which route he'll take, he will either become a Yellow Scarves', Dollars', or Saika Army's member.

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