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This is the third arc of Durarara!!


The arc resumes the last arc by having it first take place in the hospital, where Masaomi and Mikado were visiting Anri, who was previously hurt by the Slasher. Masaomi is talking to them when he gets a phone call and leaves. The scene changes to Izaya's apartment, where he is found sitting in front of his Othello board. Rambling about his plan and how exciting it could all be if everything keeps going the way it is, he grabs a match and sets the board on fire, wondering whether Ikebukuro would look like that after his plan was over.

Picking up a card deck, he throws the King in first (which represents Shizuo), then the Queen (Celty's card), and then he picks up the Joker. Izaya then stops, staring at it for a second with something similar to disdain before scowling briefly and throwing the rest of the cards in the fire. This is probably due to him thinking that Shizuo being the King and Celty the Queen makes him the Joker, which he finds degrading. After all, the Joker was usually the one that everyone laughed at in the court. Namie sees the mess he caused and tells him that he has to clean it up after he's done, leaving. Izaya then reveals that he was sitting with Celty's head by his side while this was happening.

In the warehouse Masaomi was thinking "Don't bring me back", while being surrounded by Yellow Scarves members that begged him to do exactly that. After thinking for a couple of seconds, Masaomi stands up and puts on a yellow scarf, taking his place as the leader again in order to take down the Slasher and maybe the Dollars. When all of the Yellow Scarves leave he goes on a rage due to returning to their side, furious at himself for coming back to the kind of life he ran away from.

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