Koji Yatabe (谷田部浩二, Koji Yatabe) is a character first introduced in Durarara!! 3way Standoff. He is an exalted member of the Yellow Scarves and appears in some episodes of the anime. Koji is a friend of Masaomi Kida and is one of the first members to join the Yellow Scarves, serving as the gang's second-in-command. It is revealed in Durarara!! SHx2 that he at one time dated Nozomi Kotonami.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Koji has brown hair and eyes. He wears a yellow headscarf, like most of members of the Yellow Scarves, with a yellow v-neck shirt, jacket, jeans, a white necklace, and an amulet.

Personality Edit

Koji has a friendly and loyal personality.

Background Edit

Koji first meets Masaomi in a park around New Year's when he is saved from a group of middle and high school delinquents who had attempted to extort money off of him and his friends. While Masaomi stayed behind to fight off the older boys, Koji and his friends run off to find help, encountering the middle-school student Kazane Kinomiya. They return to the park to witness Shizuo Heiwajima taking care of the remaining delinquents. Once Masaomi returns to consciousness, Koji and his friends properly introduce themselves and help him walk through Ikebukuro, where they witness the Headless Rider passing by together.

At some point during middle school Yatabe joins the newly formed Yellow Scarves.

History Edit

Saika Arc Edit

He attempts to recruit Masaomi back to the Yellow Scaves but fails. He is briefly seen being harassed by the police.

Yellow Scarves Arc Edit

He reports to Masaomi information he learns about the Dollars. He later witnesses Celty save Anri.

Kadota's Coma Arc Edit

He is followed by Walker to the Yellow Scarves meeting. He is assaulted by Aoba's guys and is saved by his fellow members.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only video game original character to appear in canon.