The title says it all. I'm going to post a list of the problems I believe the wiki has.

1.Info Updates. Since this is the most common reason people tend to visit wikis, I think this should be one of the top priorities. The durarara story has officially entered it's second series of novels so it' well past due that we update the story info on all related pages. I'm focusing on character info at the moment, although progress will be slow.

2. Consistency. Alot of pages have inconsistent layouts, and sections and it's time we set a uniform guideline for all the character pages, episode pages, etc.

3. Episode page layouts. This is a more specific version on consistency. Honestly, I've always felt that the episode layouts, at least with regards to pictures, was a bit messy. One thing that I feel some of us have forgotten on this is that a Wiki is supposed to be a presentation of information, not an alternate method of watching or reading the story. A few pictures in the article is OK, but having like 18 different screenshots make's the whole thing feel cluttered.

4. Article tone: This is mostly done in response to FireGod1325's edits where he added alot of info when reorganizing the character pages. I appreciate the gesture, but most of the info is too detailed and the sentence structure doesn't really flow well. Not to mention, it feels too much like it was trying to tell a story and not an informational article. Granted, I am also guilty of this  back when I was adding light novel info, but I am planning on trimming down on some of these articles as I said earlier.


So far, my only proposed solutions are for page structures for characters, and episode pages.

For Characters, I believe each character page should be divided into 7 sections: Appearance, Personality, Powers/abilities, History (before the start of the story), Plot, Relationships and trivia in that order. It's pretty basic but it works. Plot will be further divided by Story Arc subsections since they are already seperated as such.

Episode pages will have, of course the title, links to previous and following episodes, and Sections for Synopsis, Trivia and Quotes. Basically how it is now, but with a trimmed down number of pictures. I'm also unsure as to whether or not to keep the "unanswered questions" section of trivia. I don't know, to me it feels a bit unnecessary.

Anyway, that's my list of stuff for today. If you guys feel we should change anything or disagree with my list at all, feel free to post a response. OF course, any questions are welcom as well. I may not have explained certain things as well as I thought I did.

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