Hello, kitties and N'cha!! ヽ(^。^)ノ

Richie is soo happy to be here!

  • ahem*
I'm Richie Piccolo Cordelia, and I'm a Anime fan girl. I like DRRR! (of course), Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, InuyYasha, FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Yu-Gi-Oh!,

Celty is one of my favorite characters!

and... I think that's it.


Anri is epic, too! ^ ~ ^

Um, I also enjoy Western Animation, such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Problem Solvers.

I like Roleplaying, and I've even started my own Roleplaying Wikia that includes nearly every Fandom I can think of. In a few weeks, I'm going to introduce Saika ,Celty, and The Dollars into it! Wish me luck! ^ ~ ^

... Although, I am going to need people to come and help me out. I need someone to Roleplay as Celty, preferably with Celty in their Username. Also, some random background people to be in the Saika Army and the Dollars.

Anyway, I'm glad I came here and decided to start editing. When I came here a few weeks ago, the page quality was really horrible. But now, everything seems much better! \ 0 /

Hooray! I'm defintely going to stick around. I like being in chat. It makes me feel like a member of the Dollars. :3

Anyway, see you guys around!

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