In regards to my last blog post, "Toromaru or Toramaru", I have found evidence to suggest that the gang's name really IS Toramaru (tiger circle/perfection) as opposed to Toromaru, as the wiki usually refers to the biker gang led by Rokujo Chikage. Again I am using anni_fiesta's translations (found here: Found in vol. 5 "Interlude or Prologue C: Kuronuma Aoba":

On the walls illuminated by the flame there was a painted logo with a gorgeous woman riding on the back of a tiger and the word "TORAMARU"

Taking into account that the logo of "Toromaru" seems to have a tiger as one of their focal points and that the "Tora" in Toramaru (drawing on my knowledge of what little Japanese I admittedly know in romanji) means "tiger", I have reason to believe that unless this is a case of "Senpai/Sempai"(, all references to "Toromaru" should be changed to "Toramaru". 

Admittedly I'm just a new editor and to change all of the "Toromaru"s to "Toramaru"s would be quite drastic to the wiki, I think. But this is my reasoning and I think I'm going to go with it, I apologize in advance.

Honestly I would feel more secure in doing this if there was someone else in the Durarara!! wikia to affirm, confirm, or disprove my argument, but I don't think blogs are really read and unfortunately the community is quite (relatively) scarce (especially in regards to the fanbase outside of the anime), I think. I don't believe that sitting around waiting for this "affirmation" to change the wiki entries would be wise since I'm likely not to get any (frankly I'd be surprised if someone actually read this) but I am going to go ahead wait three days for a reasonable reply saying "not to" and the reason it's actually "Toromaru" (or maybe someone agreeing me or just saying "Hi") but if none come up, I am going to edit it anyway. 

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