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  • OmniSapien

    In regards to my last blog post, "Toromaru or Toramaru", I have found evidence to suggest that the gang's name really IS Toramaru (tiger circle/perfection) as opposed to Toromaru, as the wiki usually refers to the biker gang led by Rokujo Chikage. Again I am using anni_fiesta's translations (found here: Found in vol. 5 "Interlude or Prologue C: Kuronuma Aoba":

    On the walls illuminated by the flame there was a painted logo with a gorgeous woman riding on the back of a tiger and the word "TORAMARU"

    Taking into account that the logo of "Toromaru" seems to have a tiger as one of their focal points and that the "Tora" in Toramaru (drawing on my knowledge of what little Japanese I admittedly know in …

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  • OmniSapien

    Reading though anni_fiesta's LN translations (found here: I noticed that the biker gang commonly referred to as "Toromaru" (tuna meat/speak out circle/perfection?) on the wiki is called "Toramaru" (tiger circle/perfection?)  in her translations. I really can't read Japanese and to dig up the raw and run it through a translator may be inaccurate and frankly requires too much work. I know that anni_fiesta sometimes translates from Japanese to Chinese translations (though consistently refers to the gang as Toramaru), I don't know if that may have anything to do with the inconguity but here you go. Maybe it's a phonetic thing like how "Senpai" is technically spelled "Senpai" in romanji but pronoun…

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