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    Shizuo's Abilities

    March 19, 2013 by Jon825lazery7

    Some believe Shizuo Heiwajima's only ability is super strength, but there was another website that displayed Shizuo with more abilities. If your impressed or not, I understand, just tell me how you feel about his descriptions.

    Enhanced Strength:Shizuo's most common ability is his super strength, he displays this by sending a man flying by punching his face causing his cloths to fall off, also able to rip a street sign and able to bend it in half with his bare hands.

    Improbable Weapon Proficiency:Shizuo can use street objects as his weapons, mostly street signs and light poles to bash people.

    Pain Suppression:It's unknown if this is associated with his enhanced strength, Shizuo is shown resist his own pain by taking bullet shots by the members…

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