Named after Yahiro Mizuchi's alias, Snake Hands is an organization that claims to handle any form of freelance work. Its services include, but are not limited to, investigating missing persons and criminals, body-guarding, and mediating conflicts.


Following the mass skirmish between kidnappers, biker gangs, and yakuza in SH volume two, footage of Yahiro subduing the violent parties while covered head to toe in Celty’s shadow spreads across the internet, and “Snake Hands,” the name coined for his shadowy persona, quickly becomes the talk of Ikebukuro. Riding on this popularity, Kuon forms an organization for freelance work by the same name without Yahiro’s knowledge. Himeka questions Kuon about the agency soon afterward upon finding an ad for it hidden among his and his sister, Nozomi’s, IkeNEW! website, and Himeka and Yahiro are recruited as members.


The group is first hired by Erika and Walker to investigate the serial attacks on passersby. The perpetrator in the case, "Dark Owl," is said to be seen wearing a costume resembling the villain from a multimedia series the duo are fans of, and they wish to "talk" with him about how he has been ruining its reputation. They task Yahiro with collecting information on the attacker and plan to ultimately ask Celty to bring him to them before he can be caught by the police.

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