Shingen Kishitani (岸谷森厳, Kishitani Shingen) is Shinra Kishitani's father. On his arrival to Ikebukuro, Shingen's first major trait is the fact that he wears a breathing mask, because "the air in Tokyo is filthy."

He visits Izaya to make a deal for Celty's head. But he goes on to say he wants her body as well. He says he's going to bring them back to America with him to experiment on.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Shingen is quite a strange man who has an eccentric personality similar to his son Shinra. Like his son; he is interested in supernatural beings, objects, and occurances. Upon initially coming across Celty in Ireland, Shingen cut off her head using Saika, then pretended he had never met her as he offered her a place to stay in Japan. The condition of his kindness was Celty's permission to let him dissect her once.

While his personality ranges from childish for comic relief up to a somewhat more serious one (especially around Izaya and Namie). Upon first hearing about the Ikebukuro gangs (the Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Blue Squares) he said that he "hopes they destroy each other and die in the sewers."


Saika Arc (anime)/ Yellow Scarves Arc (novel)Edit

Shingen is first seen when upon his arrival, some of the Yellow Scarves are messing with him and then gets rescued by Celty, who comes in and scares the Yellow Scarves away. Later, at Shinra and Celtys' home, Shingen learns of Shinra and Celtys' relationship. During the exchange, he accidentally reveals that it was he who originally stole Celtys' head. He then makes his escape, presumably taking the buildings' elevator. Believing him to have already escaped, Celty gives chase, leaving the building on her bike/horse. Shingen reveals to Shinra, who was standing in the hallway, that he had really just pressed the elevator button and then hid in a corner, tricking Celty into believing that he had escaped the building. After awkwardly escaping from his son, Shingen makes his way to Izayas' office building forcing Namie to let him, holding her at gunpoint. Izaya the walks in, and Shingen reveals that he was using a toy gun, much to Namies' chagrin. At Izayas' office, Shingen and Izaya talk about Celtys' head, Shingen mentioning that he actually has no urgency to get it back. Shingen then praises Izayas' theory on how to awaken Celtys' head, by turning Ikebukuro into a war zone, emulating the myth of the Valkyrie. Shingen is impressed due to this method being based on mythology rather than science and admits that this would have never occurred to him.

Hollywood ArcEdit

Shingen is seen talking to Egor by Anri, presumably about hunting down Ruri. Egor expresses some irritation about being called out to Japan so suddenly, but accepts the job. Shingen spots Anri and recognizes her as the daughter of an antiques dealer he knew. He gives Anri his condolences and heads to a different location with Egor.

Shingen is then seen along with Shinra at Russia Sushi. Shinra questions his father on how he knows the assassin Egor since Egor mentioned Shingens's name when Shinra was called in to treat him. Shingen explains that he hired Egor to capture a certain female who Shinra would better know as Hollywood. He goes on to explain that he suspected something supernatural involved with the murders and, after using Nebula's information network found out that it was Ruri Hijiribe behind it all. He also discovered that there was an individual who was a "creature of myth" similar to Celty that was her ancestor and used his powers to obtain a large amount of wealth.

Shingen suspected that the genetic traits of that particular ancestor manifested in Ruri but he had no way to tell if it manifested every generation or every other generation. He wanted to put Ruri under Nebula's "protection" so that he could dissect her and perform experiments on her. Shinra replies that Shingen needed to change his behavior but Shingen simply brushes him off. According to him, Ruri didn't display enough supernatural abilities for them to provide funding for research since she couldn't even withstand the blow from a human in the first place.

Adabashi ArcEdit

It is revealed through flashbacks that Shingen initially obtained Saika through an Information Broker named Yodogiri Jinnai. Yodogiri is also the one who persuaded Shingen to steal the Head of Celty and provided her location to him. After obtaining the head, Shingen was approached by his long time friend, Seitarou Yagiri. Seitarou demanded that Shingen handed the head over to him but Shingen refused no matter how high the price was. Seitarou finally resorted to threatening the Life of Shinra in order to get the head.

Shingen eventually succumbed to his threats and gave up the head to him. Although the two of them remained friends, Shingen is still bitter about Seitarou threatening his only son. Near the end of the novel, Shingen warns Seitarou not to get too close to Yodogiri saying that he was similar to a radioactive substance where all who get close to him eventually decay and rot away. Seitarou dismisses Shingen's warning and claims that he will simply have to use Yodogiri better that he is using him.

Saving Izaya/ Haruna is back ArcEdit

Shingen talks on his own blog about how fresh the air is in his gas mask, mentioning how he has zero followers and his account is private. It's due to this that he feels he is free to discuss whatever he likes since he is the only person who can read it. After making a few posts about this freedom to talk, he mentions that Nebula has been pulling a lot of underground money under the guise of 'Entertainment Expenses'. The money is apparently used to socialize with somebody who is not human. After making this claim, he goes on to make various posts about the department he works in for Nebula, as well as some posts about Celty and the fact that vampires exist. Digressing from his topic by repeating how nobody can read his posts, Shingen says that he would be punished by Nebula should they ever learn that he's posting these things. Though, due to him running a private account, he feels only a thrill at the risk rather than threatened.

It's during his multiple posts about this, that person under the username 'Tsukkuu' appears. Tsukkuu, replies to one of Shingen's posts, prompting Shingen to reply back asking who Tsukkuu is and how he accessed his private posts. Almost immediately after demanding to know who Tsukkuu is, Shingen quickly posts again apologizing and promising to pay Tsukkuu, likely as hush money. Tsukkuu apologizes, claiming to be Tsukumoya Shinichi, an internet-based Information Broker. Rather than seem confused, Shingen, who appears to know Tsukumoya, expresses relief in knowing that his private life is still private.

Tsukkuu goes on to tell Shingen about Seitarou coming in to capture Namie and steal Celty's head. Shingen questions why Tsukkuu, AKA: Tsukumoya, is helping him. Tsukkuu claims initially that it's due to him being a member of the Dollars, quickly backtracking and saying that he only wishes he could say that, though the Dollars haven't been appealing to him lately. After Shingen questions which side Tsukkuu is one, Tsukkuu replies that he's on the side of those who love this city (Ikebukuro/Tokyo), whether they are human or not. Before the conversation ends, Shingen asks Tsukkuu to leave his private life, private. Tsukkuu insists that he is unable to do so, before logging out and deleting his existence from the blog.

Later on, Shingen takes part in a plan to save Namie from Seitarou and Kujiragi who had captured her earlier. Those who took part in the rescue all dressed just as Shingen does, in the white lab-coat and gas mask. After saving Namie, Seitarou tells Shingen that Izaya has a bad hobby, though Shingen only expresses a desire to strike Seitarou.

Shingen tells him how it was on the deal. He then pays Kujiragi 500 yen if she'll answer a question for him. She accepts before hearing out his question about human beings. Kujiragi fails to supply a good answer, but Shingen claims that he listed something with chemicals involved and he also included that Celty's head is one of them too.

Relationships Edit

Shinra KishitaniEdit

Shinra and his father Shingen have a fairly stable relationship. When he was a child his father would let Shinra join him in performing surgeries, including the one where he dissected Celty. Shingen believed that Shinra has always been a "sicko" since besides his love for Celty, he believes Shinra enjoyed the past dissections "too much". Beside that he genuinely loves Shinra. Shingen cut Celty's head off and sold Saika's sword off to Anri's parents in order to protect Shinra from Namie's grandfather who threatened to kill Shinra if he didn't. When he discovers that Shinra was beaten up by Ruri's stalker, and that Shinra's friend Izaya, could have prevented it, Shingen doesn't hesitate to call Izaya and warn him that he'll "smash his face" for what he did. He even goes to the dojo and asks Eijirou to teach him the deadly punch he knows so he can go get back at Izaya.

Celty SturlusonEdit

Celty and Shingen don't think highly of each other due to the fact that he was the one who stole her head. Shingen believed that Celty will always be a monster who will try to fit in with human society while Celty believed that he was just a pervert and a creepy man. They would usually argue and taunt one another and he doesn't really like the idea of Celty being in love with Shinra and would want to call her "father".

Emilia KishitaniEdit

Emilia is Shingen's second wife. In the second season of the anime it revealed that they got married in America last year. Even though he is 20 years older than her, they do indeed love each other. Like he wanted Celty and Shinra to call her "Mother" and she would sometimes wear a gas mask for him. He would sometimes call her "pumpkin" and they sleep together even though she sometimes kicks him in her sleep.


  • He often reveals secrets that he was supposed to keep.
  • His face is never shown.
  • Shingen revealed that he and Shinra's mother would switch clothes sometimes.

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