The Saika Arc is the second of the Durarara!! series. It encompasses episodes 13-17 and is the anime adaptation of the second light novel, focusing on Anri Sonohara and a local serial slasher.

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In the beginning of the arc a person named Saika in the chat room starts spamming. Then it left and users Kanra,
Durarara!! E05 02m 18s

The man gets cornered by Celty.

Setton, and Taro Tanaka came on. Kanra told them about the name of the person who was spamming is like a demon blade. Elsewhere, a man was being chased by The Black Rider. It corners him telling that he should return the money he stole, but a blade comes right through the Black Rider's arm and cuts her helmet off. The Black Rider turns around to catch it. It ran away before Celty could reach it.

The man runs away screaming that Celty was headless. Celty then remembers what happened earlier about how'd she thought she found her head on a human's body,but it turned out that she didn't find it and found something more special on the way. The next day Mikado Ryuugamine asks Anri Sonohara if he can turn in her notebook for her. She says no and walks out of the classroom

She is then approached by Takashi Nasujima. Takashi starts to sexually harass Anri. Then he is stopped by Masaomi Kida who tells him he'll most likely spread rumors about the harassment. Takashi yells at Masaomi that he's saying nonsisce. Then Masaomi threatens to show the film with audio to the other teachers which scares Takashi away. Masaomi then warns Anri about him and what he does to girls. Then Mikado comes and they all walk home with each other hearing about what Takashi did to Haruna Niekawa.

The friend then split when they get too close to their houses. Anri walks the way to her house when she gets kicked down by someone. It was the bullies that picked on Anri earlier in the series. They whine about Anri walking with Mika Harima and the Mikado and Masaomi when Mika left. Then they tried kicking her again but she dodges. Anri then goes to the frame room. She looks into a frame saying that no one counting Mikado or Mika will save her now. Then a shadow goes behind the Bully's. It was the slasher. The slasher then slashes the bully's and walks away. In the chat Kanra talks about the high schoolers that got slashed. Taro Tanaka got scared when he heard the news.
Durarara!! E05 13m 20s

Shuiji looking for the strongest man in Ikebukuro.

Elsewhere, Shuiji Niekawa is trying to find out the strongest man in Ikebukuro. He went to Shiki, who said it was Shizuo and talked about Shuiji's daughter so that he doesn't use the tape. Then he questions Simon and doesn't get good info. When he got to Izaya Orihara he said that Shizuo was the strongest, and doesn't want to talk about Shizuo.

Shuiji leaves and meets Shizuo, and Tom Tanaka. Shuji pissed off Shizuo, thus he was punched, and Shuiji flew across the street. Tom walked away with Shizuo while Shuiji walks home planning on writing the article. When he got to his front step of his home he was slashed. In the chatroom Saika says that she/he found Shizuo.

Later, in the chatroom where user; Kanra talks about Shuiji Niekawa being slashed. Setton seemed worried about the guy. Then Saika joined the chat and started spamming.  Kanra figures out whenever he talks about the slashing incidents Saika logs on their chat. Saika then told them about its love for Shizuo Heiwajima. Elsewhere in Saburo Togusa's van Kyouhei Katoda was watching the News on his phone. There were 50 slashing's. Walker Yumasaki,and Erika Kawasawa was talking about what type of manga characters would do that.

Kyouhei recalls that the first accident was when a gangster was cut in the cheek,but he was ignored by the police. Then a business man was slashed. Next was a couple on Christmas. Kyouhei then asks Walker and Erika if they have respect for human lives, but Walker and Erika only cared about the manga they were reading. Kyouhei yells at them and tells them if they did a crime the media would never let it down.

Walker then says a whole lecture about 2D and 3D and he said the reality is crap. Erika then told him that the media always have to ruin the fantasy. Then everyone in the car gets a text from the dollars admin (Mikado Ryuugamine). Celty Struluson looks at the text. Then Shinra came in. They talked about the slashing's and then Shinra told Celty about a sword named Saika who was the person in the chat room.

Celty then asked Shinra if he was realist,and a spy (since he did look in her chat logs). Shinra then teased her about aliens (Celty is afraid of aliens). Then she leaves telling Shinra that she is meeting Shizuo who was being called for by the slasher. Celty sees Shizuo in a park and walks up to him. She asks him if he was okay. Shizuo then told her about his past.
Durarara!! E07 08m 23s

Shinra meets Shizuo in the hospital.

When Shizuo was in third grade he had his first breakout. Kasuka (Shizuo's little brother) ate his pudding. Shizuo got pissed off so he tried throwing a refrigerator at Kasuka. Luckily Shizuo broke his arms before Kasuka could've gotten crushed by a refrigerator. The next day at school young Shinra Kishitani walks up to Shizuo and talks about extra strength to Shizuo.

While Shinra was talking two bully's were teasing Shizuo. Shizuo got so angry he threw a desk at them. Shizuo then tells about when he accidentally attacked a sweet woman. Celty then asked him if he knew anything about the slasher, and Shizuo believed that Celty believes that he is the slasher. Celty then says that she knows that Shizuo wouldn't slash people. Then she told him about the slasher cutting off her helmet. Shizuo got pissed off by then.

He yelled at Celty that she should've killed the slasher. Then Shizuo declares to kill it himself. Celty calms him down and says that she'll get information before they went off. Shizuo allows her. Celty later, goes to Izaya Orihara's office. She asks him for information about the slasher. He says that she would need to give him 3 dollars. She does.

Izaya then asks Celty a question about if he shined a light on her would he see her naked. Celty then asks him if he wanted to try. He says no, and messes with her about Shinra being a pervert. Celty then wrapped some of her shadows around Izaya's neck threatening to kill him if he messes with Shinra. Izaya then started laughing about the idea of of Celty and Shinra being in love.

Izaya calmed down and told Celty about a demon blade named Saika. Elsewhere in that chatroom the spammer "Saika" was there talking about slashing people until she met Shizuo Heiwajima. Celty runs in her apartment typing down Shinra's name. Shinra then joked around about the situation about the demon blade. Celty then told him that the slasher may have red eyes and the sword Saika. Shinra then suggested to check the chat. Celty logs on to see Saika spamming. Kanra then said that he suspects TarouTanaka pranking them. Setton then enters and asks TarouTanaka to reply if he was on. Celty then told Shinra that she had to leave for an important reason.
Durarara!! E15 14m 03s

Anri's Dream

Elsewhere, little Anri is having a birthday party with her parents. She askes them if they would be together forever. They said yes. But it all turned out to be a dream. Anri woke up. It was revealed that her parents died 5 years ago,and Anri was by herself. Later Anri si walking down the stair of Raira Academy. She is stopped by Takashi who starts to sexually harass her again. He asks her about the slasher run in she had. Anri then asks Takashi if he wanted her to transfer schools. He declines even though Anri had a good reason to ask him. Then Anri pulls up the name Haruna Niekawa.

Takashi looked surprised and asks Anri if she knew Haruna. Anri said she just heard about her name. Takashi then tried to change the conversation. Anri then kept walking. Takashi tried stopping her but she kept walking. In the end of the chapter Anri declared that Takashi would not ruin her happiness. Celty was talking to Shizuo about the demon blade. Shizuo wasn't confused because of the Dollars meeting incident. So Shizuo jumps on her motorcycle and they drive off. Elsewhere Anri was wondering why Takashi was so nervous when she mentioned Haruna.

Then Anri was stopped by two cops telling her that it was eleven o'clock. Anri noticed that then and told them that she'll go home straight away. But the cops wanted to escort Anri home,but they get a call and run to the place. Anri then walked a crosswalk where a guy was following her. Elsewhere Walker was yelling at a novel he was reading.

Kyouhei asked him what he was reading, and it was his own novel. He then told them to get serious because a Dollars member was slashed. Erika told him that they didn't know the guy like Kazutano. Walker and Erika then went to their manga fantasies. Kyuohei asked Saburo about how careless people can get because he saw Anri walking alone.

Anri ran into the place where she first saw the slasher. Right then a man who was stalking her pulled out a knife. It was Shuiji Niekawa. Anri saw him, but before she could've got slashed Saburo ran over the guy with his van. Elsewhere, Celty and Shizuo were driving around looking for the slasher when some Yellow Scarves members stared at them. Shizuo jumped out of the motorcycle,and told the the guys the chances of killing someone with a stare.

He then beats up the guys. Celty stops Shizuo and tells him that they have no time for them. She then feels a strange feeling. Elsewhere Erika wonders if the guy they just ran over is dead. But Shuiji gets up,and almost slashes Kyouhei. Shuiji swung the knife around.
Durarara!! E15 21m 53s

Celty hitting Shuiji with her motorcycle.

Walker knew that girl was in big trouble, and Erika asks if they could run over Shuiji again. Kyouhei says there was not time for that so he decides to try jumping in the way. He was stopped when Celty runs Shuiji over with her motorcycle. Shizuo was there too. Everyone was surprised about that. Shuiji got up and started to say things to Shizuo about love. Walker asks why could he still stand after being hit by a van and motorcycle.

Celty asks Anri if she was okay,and she was. Then she asks herself how she would kill him. Celty also pulled out her scythe. Shizuo then starts a fight with Shuiji. So, Shizuo asks Kyohei for his car door. He rips it off and crushes Shuiji with the car door. After being Shuiji being crushed by a car door he some how gets up. He says if he couldn't get Shizuo he'll get Anri. Luckily Celty gets in the way,and gets stabbed. She then pins down Shuiji. He yells about the disgrace about being taken down by a monster. Celty gets pissed off and makes the guy pass out.

She then takes the knife. Even though they took down what they thought was the slasher Shizuo wasn't satisfied. So he goes out to kill Izaya. Because of that Erika talks about Shizuo and Izaya liking each other. Walker and Erika shut her up saying that she might killed if she says that near them. Celty gives them the guy and tells them about Saika. Walker and Erika go crazy.

Celty noticed that Anri was the girl who hanged out with Mikado. Anri then gets escorted home by Celty. She asks her to take off her helmet,and Celty does. Anri wasn't scared like Shinra and Mikado,and Anri asks Celty for a cup of tea. Celty comes home with the knife and shows Shinra. Shinra tells Celty that Saika's motive is to love by slashing people. Elsewhere Anri is at her house wondering about Celty. She then hears a knock from her door.

Anri looks through the key hole and she's a woman. She lets the woman in,and the woman was Haruna Niekawa. Haruna talks to Anri about her love Takashi and his rejection. She says that she still loves Takashi, and doesn't hate him. She says that the only people she hates was the people trying to take Takashi from her. Anri says that she doesn't like Takashi at all. Haruna didn't care,and told Anri that she needed to do the job herself.

At the apartment Shinra notices something about the knife. He picks it up, and Celty believes that he's being possessed, but it wasn't Saika. The knife was made in Japan in 2010. Celty then noticed that Shuiji was slashed,and he was the attacker. Celty then checks the chat and sees Saika repeatedly join the chat telling Shizuo to go to West gate park where they were.
Durarara!! E16 12m 25s

Haruna going to kill Anri.

Celty goes out to find Shizuo. Elsewhere. Haruna is revealed to be the slasher and was going to kill Anri. Then all over the city people were being slashed by possessed people of Saika. At Izaya's house Shizuo is trying to use the door to get into Izaya's house. But, the door is locked so he decides to kick the door down. When he is about to kick down the door Izaya asks him why he is at his doorstep. Shizuo replies that he was going to beat Izaya up. Izaya asks him why, and Shizuo replies that he is mad, and he says that Izaya was too weird.

Shizuo then asks Izaya if he was behind the Saika thing. Izaya said he didn't know what Shizuo was talking about, and it was revealed the 99% of violence in Ikebukuro is caused by Izaya. He replies that Shizuo should trust the 1% of the time. Izaya then pulls out his switchblade on Shizuo. Shizuo walks past him and picks up a road bumper. Izaya plans to stab him before he throws it, but then Celty bumps in the battle. Celty shows Shizuo the chatroom.

Shizuo asks Izaya if that was a part of his plan. Izaya replies that he would've dropped a meteor on Shizuo's house if he wanted Celty to go to his doorstep. Shizuo then jumps on Celty's motorcycle,and they drive off. Izaya then calls Shizuo a bug,and he also says that the reason why he hates him so much. Elsewhere, Haruna was talking to Anri. Haruna said that she has done research on Anri, and then Haruna revealed that a robber came into Anri's house,and killed her parents.

She said that Anri saw the death of her own parents,and didn't know the robber's face. Anri was then in the frame room looking at the frames of her dreams. Haruna then started to approach Anri with her knife. Haruna said that Anri has a easy life. Anri denies, and then she says that Takashi was lower than a parasite. Haruna stunned at what Anri said pointed a knife to Anri's throat. Before she could've been stabbed the door bell rang.

Haruna opens the door planning on killing the person on the other side, but it was Takashi on the other side of the door. Anri wonders how did Takashi know where she lived. Haruna was so happy to see Takashi again, so he puts her hand near him. He slaps her hand away, and he ran away screaming. Anri asks herself why did Takashi run away.

Haruna send out five of Saika's children out at Anri to kill her so she can go catch Takashi. Elsewhere Shizuo and Celty where on a motorcycle. Celty remembers that Shinra told her about how Saika works. Then she stops the motorcycle, and the two walk into a park. When they get to the middle of the park a bunch of people surround them. They were all victims of the slasher attacks,and they were possessed by Saika. One speaks to Shizuo and tells him that they had been waiting for him.

She was talking about his strength, and she and her "Sisters" (the other victims) wanted to know more about him,and spread their love through him. Then they all pull out all of their weapons at him. Celty pulls out her scythe before they could possessed Shizuo. Shizuo asks them why they love him so much. They replied that they love him because of his super human strength. Shizuo then started to laugh.
Durarara!! E16 17m 22s

Saika's children surround them.

Celty asked him if he wanted her to do the work. He said no,and told why he was laughing. It was because he thought no one would ever love him because he could get very scary when he is mad. He then started to count Saika's children but he stopped by saying there were a lot of them. He asks if he could use all of his power on them. Then he throws one of the them. Shizuo told them that he hated them but not as much as Izaya.  

Haruna asks Takashi if he remembers when he first met her when he saved her from bullies. She told them she thought about him a lot even when he got money from her,and when he dumped her. She told him that she didn't care if he'd dump her even though she'll still love him. Then she told him that Saika came to talk to her, and she showed him how'd they would communicate. She cut herself,and then told Takashi that she'll give him her blood drip by drip.

She putted the knife to his neck. Anri out of nowhere yelled to wait. Haruna was surprised how did she manage to escape when there was five of Saika's children in there. Anri asked her to stop hurting people with her knife. Takashi was curled up in a ball frightened when Haruna looked at him. She then yelled about Anri not being a part of what she was doing. She yells that Anri was a weak parasite. Anri tells Haruna about her opinion of fighting.

Haruna asked Anri if she had ever loved someone,and Anri denied. Haruna told anri that Saika almost took control of her body trying to cut Takashi, and Haruna revealed that she held back with all of her strength. She then told Anri that she took control over Saika with the power of love. Anri asked why she wanted to slash Takashi now. Haruna replied that Saika told her if she slashed people she'll take over them, and it might even kill her love (Takashi).

Haruna then ran at Anri with her knife planning to kill her. Anri then blocked with her arm, and it didn't cut her. Anri told her that she was afraid of love. Since Anri's parents died she felt that way. Anri then pulled out a katana from her hand. She said that Haruna knife was just a child of Saika when the real Saika was a katana, her katana. Haruna was amazed at the sight, and asked how it could be.
Durarara!! E16 22m 24s

Anri with Saika.

Anri said that Saika was a parasite living off of her. Haruna said that Anri's sword was the same exact sword that slashed her five years ago. She asked if Anri killed her own parents that day. Anri replied that Haruna could say that slicing the knife out of her hand. Haruna went down to pick it up when pulled her katana to Haruna shoulder. Anri asked her if Haruna could stop Saika's children to stop the slashing's.

Haruna yelled at Anri that she surpassed Saika,and wouldn't do what Anri said. Anri after hearing that made Haruna hear Saika's love confessions. It was a horrible sound. Haruna fell over after hearing it asking Anri how does she manage to hear that. She replied that she lacked a bunch of things,and says that she makes up of what she lacks. She then told her that she lives with the parasite (Saika) inside of her.

Shizuo's flashback said that the lady he accidentally hurt didn't hate him. He wanted to help but he only just hurt her. Stuff like that happened a lot, and only Kasuka, and Shinra would be the only people who'll dare to go near Shizuo. It didn't change when Shizuo was older. Izaya was the only other person who approached Shizuo because Izaya wanted to use him.

Shizuo knew that if he ever loved someone he'll hurt them by accident,until the present. Then in the present Shizuo was punching Saika's children all over that place. Celty remembers Shinra's explanation of why Shizuo is so strong. Even in normal (Shizuo not fighting) conditions, Shizuo’s muscles will grow thicker and even if he did fight they’ll remain that thick and ever thicker (that was a short version of his explanation.)

Shizuo was still punching them all down when they all started to look a different direction. The reason was that their ancestor appeared. Shizuo asks Celty if she could go over there,and check it out. She gives gloves to Shizuo, and he asks why did she give them to him. She said it was made from the same material as her scythe, and nothing could cut through them.

Shizuo then puts them on. One of Saika's children asked why he hasn't became one of them yet. The reason was that Shizuo doesn't feel fear at all. Shizuo says that he was the one who is the scared because he's always worried that he'll hurt someone. Then he said he wasn't there at the moment because he knew that Saika's children don't feel pain. He tells them that and then he says that he couldn't go down in front of the people who love him.

Anri in the frame says that she is still dreaming. Dreaming of a happy past because she didn't had one. Since she was a kid her father was abusive. The only time he didn't hit her was when she had swimming lessons. He hit her with full force but never left a scar on her. Her mom always tried to help her but her father would hit her mom too.
Durarara!! E16 22m 11s

Anri's parents die.

She then started to loose her emotions. Then 5 years earlier. They were doing a news report on Haruna Niekawa being slashed by the slasher. Then her father went of to Anri, and his eyes were cold. He went to her, and started to choke her planning to kill her. Then her mom who was on the ground got up with a katana, and said I love you honey, and cut Anri's dad's head off.

Then she stabbed herself in the stomach killing herself. Anri was the only one left. She then took the Saika sword. Haruna started to laugh then she started to cut Anri multiple times. Anri after a little bit pulled her katana to Haruna's neck. She asks Haruna is she was afraid that she was going to die. Haruna asks if she could slash Anri on purpose.

Anri then says that she'll have Saika rely on Haruna heart for a bit. Anri said that what she was going to do wouldn't kill her. Then Anri stabs Haruna in the neck. Anri told Haruna that she wasn't like her since she could love people, and Anri can't. Shizuo was still punching people. Then when he was about to punch a girl they turned back to normal, and Shizuo somehow stopped himself from punching her.

He started to laugh. Then he said that his body was finally listening to him. Where Anri was Takshi told her that Haruna tried to slash him in his office one time then he lied to the school,and made the school move her to another school. Celty came in. Takashi asked Anri if she wanted to run with him from Celty. He said that she'll return the favor from him helping her from bullies. Anri said that she'd already returned the favor.

She said that she thought the black rider was the slasher,and she attacked her when he was being attacked by Celty. Celty figures out the Takashi was the one who stole the money. Anri asks why he was being chased by the black rider. Takashi asks if Anri really wanted to use the sword on him, and she says that she really hates him. He then runs away screaming.

Anri then thinks that the celty would fight her but then she sees Celty putting Haruna on her motorcycle. She said that she'll have a underground doctor heal Haruna, and tells Anri that she did the right thing. Celty tells Anri that she's worried that if she would fight she'll loose, and Celty drives away. Anri then reveals that she could now control over than 100 people.

She says that she's not happy or sad. A voice from Saika says that it doesn't like her or hates her. Anri wonders who said that then she putted Saika back in her body. In the chatroom Saika was apologizing for the spam,and told them that she was not going back to the chat room most likely then Saika left. TarouTanaka came on and questioned about Saika's behavior,and then he left. Setton came on saying that Saika can come back but not spam them. Then Setton left having that chatroom be empty.
Durarara!! E17 13m 34s

Anri talks to Mikado in the hospital.

Anri didn't tell Mikado, and Masaomi about her having Saika was being she didn't want them to go to the same world she did. She also vows that the slasher accidents will never happen again. So the two wouldn't have to worry about her. Elsewhere Saburo was whining about his van having a door torn off by Shizuo.

Kyouhei said that he promised that he'll never do anything to the van. Then Saburo said that he should've known that if he got Walker,and Erika to put a new car door with a anime character on it. Walker and Erika were talking about Manga in the back. Saburo and Kyouhei were talking about the slasher and about the slasher man they caught before. Then Kyouhei says that there's a rumor about a color gang helping out,or a hit and run.

The gang that people thought did it was the Dollars. The more uneasy thing is that the police didn't catch the slasher. Elsewhere Takashi was yelling that is was scary that no one is a match for him. Takashi was planning on telling the teachers that anri tried to slash him like Haruna. Elsewhere Tom was asking Shizuo why was he in a good mood.

Shizuo replied that he released a rock from his heart. Tom then told him that they're collecting from a bad guy that day. He was said that the guy stole 50,000 yen from someone and said that he did it, but when they checked it was hilarious. He told Shizuo that the guy wasn't a robber but a guy with a a lot of loans. Shizuo replied that he'll crush the guy's mouth. Tom says that Shizuo was energetic today.

Shizuo replied that he finally learned how to use his power. Tom said that the guy was a teacher. Shizuo says that the guy was unforgivable. They then found that guy's apartment. They walked up to the guys door and knocked on it. Takashi asked himself if it was Izaya coming to evict him or if it was Haruna or Anri or maybe the Black rider. Takashi the grabs a fire extinguisher,and stands near the door.

Tom says that the guy was there but not answering the door. Shizuo then rips the door nob off saying that the door was open now. Shizuo walks in to get hit in the face by the fire extinguisher. Shizuo then grabs it, and breaks all of the foam out of it. Shizuo also hits Takashi with it. Tom calmly watches Shizuo beat up Takashi. In the hospital Mikado asks Anri if she was okay. She says that she is fine.

Masaomi saying that if he could stay with her 24/7 that this wouldn't had happen to her. His phone then started to ring, and Mikado told him to shut off his phone in the hospital. Masaomi then left saying that something is up at his house. Mikado said that it his his chance now to do something. Mikado asks Anri if she likes someone. Anri told him that there is someone that she is expecting.

He asked about the guy. Anri said the a couple hours before she got hurt the slasher tried attacking her,and people helped her like a guy in a bartender outfit. Mikado did thought she liked Shizuo but then she said that the Black rider was there too. Mikado was surprised and he thought about Celty. Anri said that she chatted with it,and the Black rider was a good person that cared about people.

Mikado in thought was thinking about Celty, and then the Dollars. He thought that he would not ever tell her about the Dollars. Mikado then told her that the Black Rider was far from their daily life. Anri asks Mikado what did he think of a daily life. He said that something that usual happens everyday. Anri says that daily life is something that never happens.