Eat russai sushi

Russia Sushi is a restaurant owned by Dennis. Simon Brezhnev helps attract customers by handing out flyers and waving signs after Dennis invited him to work for him. The main characters often go to Russia Sushi to eat, even though its sushi is very unorthodox.

Types of SushiEdit

Dennis pls -episode 8 - durarara-

Celty and Shinra's sushi. From left to right: fried chicken, cheese, mabo (mapo tofu), prosciutto, and cream cheese sushi.

There are a variety of sushi served at this restaurant, along with some unusual types. In episode 8, when Shinra and Celty go to Russia Sushi, they are given special plates of sushi for a good price. The ingredients "shouldn't be made into sushi", according to Shinra.

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