1 Raira Academy

Raira Academy is the private school that main characters Mikado Ryuugamine, Anri Sonohara and Masaomi Kida attend. It is set in East Ikebukuro and is considered to be an increasingly reputable high school, with well-maintained grounds and good facilities. Though the academy offers off-campus dorms for students to live in, the novels state that most students choose to find their own apartments to be closer to the school. The light novels also state that the school uniforms are green and wearing them is optional. Most students opt for casual clothes, making students who wear the uniforms, including Mikado and Anri, stand out. In the anime, however, most students are seen wearing blue uniforms, though some wear casual attire underneath.


Formerly known as Raijin Academy before it was merged with a near-by school, this was also the high school of Shizuo Heiwajima, Kyouhei Kadota, Izaya Orihara, and Shinra Kishitani. Tom Tanaka is shown observing a fight in the anime, yet the light novels heavily imply that he attended a different high school, thus allowing Izaya to undo all the hard work he put into Shizuo while they attended middle school together. This was also the place where Izaya and Shizuo first fought after Shinra introduced them to each other.

Those years are said to have been very violent and something of a black period in the history of the establishment for almost all who bore witness to it. Conversations between the teachers after the admission of Mairu and Kururi Orihara as freshmen to Raira make references to gasoline-filled barrels rolling down the third floor at one point. Shinra also makes passing mention to how he became extremely skilled at setting broken bones and stitching skin back together during those days. Additionally, Shinra has mentioned many other situations in the Shizuo Gaiden after telling the story of "Bloody White Day," examples being the "The Pool of Hell Opens - Chlorine Gas Everywhere!" incident, the "Real Flesh Art in the Art Room" incident, the "Cultural Festival Campfire Explosion" incident, and the "Field Trip to the Shambles - the Okinawa Arc."

While at Raijin Academy, Izaya began to collect "worshipers" for his own ends, mostly in the form of traumatized teenage girls. At some point during this time, the Izaya fangirls began to start trouble with neighboring high schools, leading to a period of severe unrest during which Shizuo rose to fame after becoming the center of this conflict, despite his desire to stay firmly out of it. All of Shinra's attempts to pacify the other students seemed to fall through. It is believed that during this time Izaya mastered parkour for the sole purpose of running away from Shizuo.

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