Non is one of Rokujo Chikage's girlfriends, though she is considered as his 'main' girlfriend. She is also shown to be friends with Rio Kamichika.

Characteristics Edit

Non is shown to have medium length brown hair and brown eyes. Her usual attire consists of a white collared shirt, a dark blue skirt and a tan sweater wrapped around her waist. She is seen to be the tallest among her friends and only a few inches shorter than Rokujo.

For the most part, her personality is fairly typical for a girl her age. She's laid back but cheerful and is very loyal to her friends. She also shows a large amount of mental fortitude as, even after being rescued from her kidnappers, she chooses to stay behind to wait for Rokujo.


Akane ArcEdit

Non appears briefly at the beginning of this arc with Rokujo and his other girls showing him around ikebukuro. She and the others watch as Rokujo violently stops a robbery in process before notifying him of the police who are on their way to question him.

Dollars and Blue Squares ArcEdit

Non is seen hanging out with her friends, one of them being Rio Kamichika. Rio introduces them to Anri and Akane who they encounter out in the street. After Anri declines their offer to join them as they already had plans, Non and the others eventually make their way to a nearby cafe. A few hours later, Izaya as "Nakura" posts a message on the dollars forum saying that they should kidnap Chikage's girlfriend, Non, to make him stop the attack on the Dollars. Rio (who is also a member of the dollars) and the others recognize themselves as the targets and decide to leave the cafe but are eventually cornered in an alleyway. Non says that she will go with them if they allow others to escape, but they are all forced to get in the van because they didn't want to risk anyone calling the cops.

Non and her friends are then taken to Raira's practice fields where Rokujo and Kyohei were fighting. As the girls watch the scene unfold, their kidnappers are distracted by a bright flash of light which gave ample time for Walker and Erika to swoop in and save them. Non, however, comes back, wishing to wait for Rokujo. After the fight is over, Rokujo and Non go back home but encounter Mikado along the way. Mikado wished to apologize for the Dollars' hand in the kidnappings however, Non points out that Mikado is the boy who tried to save her and her friends, prompting Rokujo to express his gratitude. After a brief conversation with Mikado, Rokujo takes Non back to her home.

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