Nec (ネク, Neku) is a professional hacker employed by Izaya. She is his assistant and head of information. Her real name is Hisae Inari (井鳴寿枝, Inari Hisae); though due to the alternate pronunciation of Hisae she has the nickname Inarizushi (a kind of sushi). She appears to dislike her real name, however, which is made clear when she threatens to kill Izaya for using it.

As a hacker, she specialized in handling the “articles of the deceased.” She would hack into the recently deceased’s e-mail, credit card, and cloud service data. Her work was to continue working on thing like where they left off or carry on with things not related to what they left behind, almost as if they came back to life and continued activities on the internet. Her fellow hackers then gave her the nicknames “Necromancer” and “Necrophilia.” Some admired her, some were afraid of her, some became hostile of her, and some became fans of her. However, she did not like those nicknames because “being long is not cute,” so she shortened it to Nec.



She has long, white hair and wears gothic-lolita style clothes along with glasses.


Nec is cheerful, childish, and teasing most of the time, but becomes aggressive (usually toward Izaya) when someone mentions her real name, often hitting him in the neck and claiming she'll kill him for revealing it.

She is usually relaxed even when the people around her are in danger, indifferent, and is very proud of her abilities as a hacker.


Nec became involved with Izaya after hearing of his apparent death. This news led her to try and hack into his accounts and data. However, she tried to hack into a server connected with Tsukumoya. Tsukumoya destroyed her computer (and her self-esteem). This being her first “failure,” she took it hard. One day, Izaya visits her after figuring out what happened and hires her for her skills. She appreciates that Izaya “gave meaning to her (life/existence).” She does not worship him, but she is not hostile like Sozoro and Himari.


Izaya OriharaEdit

Main Article: Izaya Orihara

She has stated that they have a more business relationship. She often states she'll “kill him because he told my name,” but other than that she isn’t very hostile towards him. But she doesn’t praise him either. She knows how he is. “He’s the director right? An unsettling guy right? What else more is there to say?” She is rather teasing with Izaya. When Haruto asks where Izaya went when he was invited to the VIP room to see Hiura, she responds, “To hell. He went to hell.” The two are close business partners with her saying that she hasn't seen him as the opposite sex and any woman who does would be 'quite the advocate.' Nec also states that she's grateful to him for giving her a place to belong and a job.

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