Nana Kiyojima (喜代島菜々, Kiyojima Nana) is a third year high school student, and the younger sister to Douma Kiyojima. Despite the tense relations between the Kiyojima family and the Adamura family, Nana is dating Kazuhisa, the illegitimate younger son of the Adamura family.

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Nana enjoys reading fantasy novels, feeling as though she can escape into another world as she claims her current life is suffocating for her. She seems to be something of a romantic at heart, firmly believing that her relationship with Kazuhisa could be the suspension bridge between their families, hopefully ending the rivalry.

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She began dating Kazuhisa prior to him being brought into the Adamura family. Shortly after this, she suffered some form of teasing from his older brother, Ryuuichi, which is said to have caused her some trauma. However, she also says that if she can overcome the trauma, then having to handle both families disapproving of her relationship with Kazuhisa should be no problem.