Morita (森田, Morita) is a member of the group of kidnappers that delivers people to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals for their human experiments. His partners are Asanuma and Kanazawa.


Morita is a man of average height, and he is seen wearing, glasses, a beige jacket, and a black dress shirt with matching trousers.

He appears to be the most charismatic of his compatriots, as he is usually the one they send out to meet with potential targets and lure people to their van. While he initially seems more composed than the others in his group, he is just as quick to resort to violence, as shown when he quickly initiated combat with Celty when it became apparent she was not there to cooperate with them.

Morita does not possess any abilities beyond that of a typical street thug. He does appear to be more clever than his comrades, as shown when he lured Celty into getting close enough to him to use a stun gun.


Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Morita is first seen approaching Rio Kamichika. He poses as Nakura, an online friend whom Rio agreed to commit suicide with, and convinces her to follow him into the alley where his van is stationed. When he opens the back of the van, Kanazawa uses drugs Rio with chloroform and the group ties her up. The trio of kidnappers drive to parking garage to wait for the contact responsible for picking up their victims.

After a few hours of waiting, Morita notices Celty staring at them from across the parking garage. He quickly deduces that Celty is not who they have been waiting for and prepare to fight. Kanazawa attacks first and is quickly incapacitated, but Morita feigns cowardice in order to get Celty to lower her guard. He briefly stuns her with a tazer, but Celty quickly recovers and brutally slams Morita's face into a pillar, knocking him out for the rest of the fight.

Later, Morita and his friends kidnap Kazutano from a building where undocumented immigrants have been living. Unfortunately, Kazutano is friends with Kyouhei's gang, who quickly find out about their actions and give chase. When Asanuma's van becomes stuck in a chain fence, Morita and Asanuma leap out, and Morita runs away. Asanuma is captured by Kyouhei's gang and tortured for information on the group's employer.

Akane Arc and Blue Squares Arc Edit

In the anime, Morita and his companions make a return as part of the rogue Dollars group that kidnaps Non and Rio to force Chikage's surrender. They are once again foiled by Kyouhei's intervention, as well as the intervention of Shizuo.