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  • In light of various old and not so old series getting either rebooted (for better or worse) or a sequel, I want to know what you want to see get the same treatment. (doesn't have to be anime, can be anything)

    The reason why is because I think it's kind of crazy how much has been coming back recently. Samurai Jack returning with avengeance, Studio Madhouse breaking their phobia of 2nd seasons with Overlord and One Punch Man, and now Kino's Journey, an obscure light novel adaptation that aired over 14 years ago has recently announced a new anime (sequel or reboot is unclear). 

    Me personally, I'm hoping for a Baccano reboot (with how much was altered in the anime, they'll need to if they want to stay faithful to the books). I'm also hoping for (and this is a huge pipedream on my part) a new entry in the dot hack franchise. While I have a soft spot for durarara, .hack has been my true passion since I first played it back when I was in middle school and I would be super hyped if we got a new entry/reboot after all these years.

    Anyway, how about you guys?

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  • I had been mulling this over for the past couple of weeks and decided to finally make a decision. As the title implies, I would like to resign as an Admin for the durarara wiki (assuming my privileges weren't revoked already). When I first started editing stuff here, it was mostly due to being bored over the summer and spun out from there since durarara was one of my bigger obsessions at the time. Now, while I still love the series, I just don't have the drive to meticulously edit and check in like I usually do. Chrome and Shiki are much better suited as admins if they haven't been appointed as such already. 

    To those who are curious, I recently had to drop out of college due to failing one of my classes too many times so now I'm just trying to find a job. How's that for Irony? Before I had the drive but no time, and now I have time but no drive. Also, so I don't worry anyone, I'm not in any financial trouble. I'm lucky enough to have a family that's able to support me while I search for work.

    Anyway, that's the gist of what's going on right now. I know it's kind of a minor thing but I don't really see the point in having admin privileges if I'm never going to actually use them. Also, It's not like I'm not open to chat. I realize I'm not the best at checking my message wall, but I'll try to be more consistent about that in the future.

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    • Thanks for all the help!

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    • It's been a pleasure!

      Thanks for all the support guys, it means a lot.

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  • I don't know if you're online, but I undid an edit from my phone where it looked like they had made Sayaka's name bold following the kanji. Nothing is showing up on my phone though, her page appears blank of info? Can you check on this?

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    • OK, Nevermind my mobile wiki isn't working properly.. it's not displaying pages and edits correctly so I won't make edits from my phone I suppose.

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  • Hey Sol,

    So it's bothered me for a long time that 'locations' is a subsection of 'characters' in the navigation bar, and while browsing another wiki I saw they had a much more clean satisfying format for their navigation, and I was wonderinf if ours could be changed up a bit? I would have done it myself if you approved, but only admins can so that's out of the picture.

    The idea I had was to create more tabs, where it says 'menu' and 'on the wiki' one tab could be  Characters with the sub tabs  Protagonists  Antagonists  Male  Female  human  Non Human each linking to those categories, with dropdown menues that showed links to each character in them, another could be World with locations  groups and organizations, one could be Media, with Anime  Manga  Light Novel  Games  Songs, Community with Forum  Dollars chat Anime/manga hub

    Maybe this is excessive and too much work, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there

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    • make a more visual list like MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation and dump it here and we'll see

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    • something like this? I'm not sure that I got that formatting perfect, but this is more or less what I had in mind.


      • Category:Protagonists|Protagonists
        • Anri Sonohara
        • Masaomi Kida
        • Mikado Ryuugamine
        • Celty Sturluson
        • Kyohei Kadota
        • Shinra Kishitani
        • Shizuo Heiwajima
        • Himeka Tatsugami
        • Kuon Kotonami
        • Yahiro Mizuchi
      • Category:Antagonists|Antagonists
        • Haruna Niekawa
        • Hiroto Shijima
        • Hollywood
        • Horada
        • Izaya Orihara
        • Jinnai Yodogiri
        • Kasane Kujiragi
        • Kinnosuke Kuzuhara
        • Kisuke Adabashi
        • Mimizu
        • Namie Yagiri
        • Ran Izumii
        • Saika
        • Seitarou Yagiri
        • Sloan
        • Takashi Nasujima
        • Varona
      • Category:characters|Gender
        • Category:male|Male
        • Category:female|Female
      • Category:races|Races
        • Category:human|Human
        • Category:Non-Human|Non-Human
        • Category:Super_Human|Super Human


      • Category:Locations|Locations
        • Ikebukuro
        • Raira Academy
        • Russia Sushi
        • Yagiri Pharmaceuticals
      • Category:Groups_and_Organizations|Groups and Organizations
        • Amphisbaena
        • Awakusu-Kai
        • Blue Squares
        • Chat Room
        • Dollars
        • Dragon Zombie
        • Heaven's Slave
        • Izaya's alliance
        • Kyohei's Gang
        • Nebula
        • Saika Army
        • Snake Hands
        • Toramaru
        • Yagiri Pharmaceuticals
        • Yellow Scarves


      • Light Novel|Light Novel
        • Category:Light Novel Volumes|Light Novel Volumes
        • Category:Light Novel Chapters|Light Novel Chapters
      • Manga|Manga
        • Category:Manga Volumes|Manga Volumes
        • Category:Manga Chapters|Manga Chapters
      • Category:Games|Games
        • Durarara!! 3way standoff
        • Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley-
        • Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V
        • Durarara!! Relay
      • Category:songs|Music


      • Special:Forum|Forum
      • Special:Chat|Dollars Chat
      • Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes
      • Blog:Recent_posts|Recent blog posts
      • w:c:animanga:Durarara!!|Durarara!! Anime/Manga Hub
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    • ok, added a few things to that, so now we have a 1st draft to test

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I may be oblivious to the existence of a page which details the exact format for the light novels, but I thought I would ask if there is a specific format we're following?

    I formatted x4's  infobox to match the x3's, however... the x1 seems to have a different format from x3... I'm not sure which one I should follow so I stopped touching it until I could find out.

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    • just to clarify, when you say x4 and x3, do you mean the different seasons of the anime?

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    • I mean the light novels, sorry. There's a very minor difference between them, but it's easiest if all the boxes are the same. x1 and x2 have (JP) rather than 'America' behind release dates and such. I was wondering which way you guys preferred it. I'm at work right now so sorry if I'm not very clear on what I mean. I can barely see this box on my phone.

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    • oh, I see. For consistency's sake, let's just use JP and NA for the release dates.

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    • Will do, thank you for answering!

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  • If possible, could you post what the differences are between the three? I believe it would make a wonderful contribution to people whom have not read the original material and only watched the animated version of this series. You could even post differences between the way how the characters act or look. Thank you.

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  • Hey there, I am running a Durarara-related wikia called "Wasteland 2011". Care to check it out?

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  • Haven't read the light novel, but in the anime they used "baccano" as the password for the Dollars website, should be a worthy mention in the Naritaverse page XD

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    • the Naritaverse page is meant for details that actively hint at the shared universe. The baccano password thing is more of a reference as opposed to crossover evidence. I mean, they play baccano clips in the background sometimes but that isn't listed either.

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  • Hello! I'm from the FCB Wiki. I would like to request to be affiliated with your wiki. Here is our wordmark. Thanks!

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    • sorry it took me a while to get back to you. We are currently not interested in affiliating with any wikis at this time so I will have to respectfully decline your offer. Thank you.

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    • Okay.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Wave_emoticon.gif

    Does the Durarara!! Wiki do affiliations with other wikis ?

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    • This subject has come up before but no, we generally do not affiliate ourselves with other wikis unless the content of said wiki has something that directly relates to durarara. For example, we WOULD affiliate with the Baccano wiki since it and Durarara both take place in the same universe. However, the Baccano wiki is rather dead as of late so we never bothered. So yeah, sorry but we are not interested.

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    • Fair dos !

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