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Kuon Kotonami (琴南久音, Kotonami Kuon), is one of the three main protagonists of Durarara!! SH. He is also the younger brother of Nozomi Kotonami.

Characteristics Edit

Kotonami has dyed green hair, with black roots and eyes that seem to lack irises. He wears a pink button-up shirt, with his tie undone, and blazer open. He styles his hair back, causing it to stick up. He has several elaborate earrings on both ears. 

He always has a mischievous look on his face.

History Edit

Prologue B Edit

Kotonami first appears in the prologue at a game centre attempting to stop a Blue Squares member named Yoshikiri from choking Aoba for having two "two girlfriends" by twisting his arms to prevent him from nearly killing Aoba. After other members move Yoshikiri away from the centre to avoid getting banned, Aoba introduces Kotonami to the twins as their junior & freshman to Raira Academy, with Mairu scrutinizing him from head to toe & complimenting on his name. After questioning his eye-catching appearance and comparing it to visual kei. Aoba shows off a past photo of Kotonami as a spectacled boy with a black-haired bob, embarrassing him and Mairu guffawed.

After a while of joking, Mairu asks if there's something more unusual about him other than his appearance, eventually deducing him to be somewhat twisted and broken to associated with Aoba. Kotonami is able to divert his situation by creating a small commotion from calling Aoba's "girlfriend" to be weird and afterwards he leaves. Aoba begins talking about him to the twins, warning them to not get involved with Kotonami. When Mairu points out his own contradiction, Aoba simply cites Kotonami as an eccentric and that, despite his showy looks, he topped the Raira entrance exams. He states Kotonami is a "major source of income" for the Blue Squares, though the twins gets some ideas and start to accuse Aoba of extortion before he is finally able to explain that his source is not anything illegal.

Mairu's bundle of questions and Kururi's persistent gaze, he explains the Blue Squares get leftovers of Kotonami making money off of the Headless Rider's existence, by posing news reporters of or having the gang rack up ruckus. Aoba ends it by stating that this makes Kotonami Kuon like terrible snake who wants to swallow Ikebukuro whole, himself included.

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