Kuon Kotonami (琴南久音, Kotonami Kuon), is one of the three main protagonists of Durarara!! SH. He is also the younger brother of Nozomi Kotonami.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Kuon has dyed green hair with black roots. He wears a pink button-up shirt with his tie undone and blazer open. He styles his hair back, causing it to stick up, and wears several earrings in each ear.  

History Edit

Kuon first appears in the prologue at a game center, attempting to stop a Blue Squares member named Yoshikiri from choking Aoba Kuronuma for having "two girlfriends" by twisting his arms to prevent him from nearly killing Aoba. After other members move Yoshikiri away from the center to avoid getting banned, Aoba introduces Kuon to the twins as their junior and a freshman at Raira Academy, with Mairu scrutinizing him from head to toe and complimenting him on his name after questioning his eye-catching appearance and comparing it to visual kei. Aoba shows off a past photo of Kuon as a bespectacled boy with a black-haired bob, embarrassing him while Mairu laughs.

After a while of joking, Mairu asks if there is something more unusual about him other than his appearance, eventually deducing him to be somewhat twisted and broken to associated with Aoba. Kuon is able to divert his situation by creating a small commotion from calling Aoba's "girlfriend" weird before leaving.

Kuon attends the first day of school a few days later and meets Yahiro Mizuchi and Himeka Tatsugami during class introductions. Intrigued by me, he waits for Yahiro at the school gates after classes and asks him if he would like to go to Ikebukuro with him to search for the Headless Rider. Yahiro refuses, so he instead gives him a tour of Ikebukuro, stopping by Rakuei Gym where Kuon transferred to.

Kuon later makes the mistake of saying negative comments about the Headless Rider while Shizuo Heiwajima is nearby and is thrown into the air as a result. Yahiro provokes Shizuo in order to get his attention on him instead of Kuon before Shizuo proceeded to hurt him more.