Kazane Kinomiya (木埜宮風音, Kinomiya Kazane) is a journalist and Shinra Kishitani's half-sister. Motivated by wanting to know more about Shinra, she travels to Ikebukuro to get to know him.





Kazane was raised by her mother Kaname who frequently traveled overseas for work. Raised separately from her half-brother, Shinra, Kazane develops an interest in him and his life. She goes so far as to travel to Ikebukuro in an attempt to get to know him.

Upon spotting Shingen, she decides to follow him so that she can understand him better as well. She adds him to her list of "observations." Kazane knows Shingen as her mother's ex-husband, to whom Kazane is connected by fate and not by blood. Soon, she becomes troubled by the question: Why does Shingen wear a gas mask?

Kazane is sedated, knocked unconscious, and taken for examination by Emilia Kishitani. Emilia feared that Kazane was a spy sent by a rival of Nebula to observe Shingen. When Kazane wakes up, Emilia explains her actions and apologizes. She realizes that Kazane was not a spy, but the daughter of Shingen's ex-wife.

Kazane remains baffled by the blatant kidnapping and Emilia's broken Japanese. Emilia asks if Shingen's ex-wife is using Kazane to seek reconciliation with Shingen. Kazane herself is shocked to learn that Emilia is Shingen's current wife.

Kazane realized that the incident occurred due to a misunderstanding and that she was wrong for stalking a non-blood relative. Kazane lets the incident go. Emilia and Kazane make a deal to not tell Shingen or Shinra about Kazane's stalking or kidnapping.

Upon finding out Emilia is Shingen's current wife, Kazane asks Emilia about Shingen's mask. Emilia informs her that the mask is worn to appear attractive and become popular. Emilia refuses to impart information about the Headless Rider. This leaves Kazane to wonder if the Headless Rider is a robot built by Nebula to spy on her brother.


  • Kazane's favorite food is sweet potatoes.