Kanazawa (金沢, Kanazawa) is a member of the group of kidnappers who deliver people to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals for their human experiments. He appears to be the member in charge of drugging their victims with chloroform. His partners are Morita and Asanuma.

Description Edit

Kanazawa is a short man who wears a pink sweatshirt, beige cargo pants, and red sneakers. He also wears small silver earrings.


Dollars/ Mika Harima ArcEdit

Kanazawa is an accomplice in the kidnapping of Rio Kamichika. When Morita leads Rio to the back of the van, Kanazawa drugs her with chloroform. They drive to a parking garage to deliver the kidnapped girl to the buyer. After waiting for some time, the Black Rider appears. Kanazawa confidently attacks, and Celty rams his head into a concrete wall with her bike.

Later, Kanazawa and his group kidnap Kazutano from a building where undocumented immigrants have been living. When Kanazawa spills chloroform on himself, all three kidnappers become sleepy. Asanuma and Morita leave Kanazawa behind with Kazutano's cell phone in his pocket. When Kyohei Kadota calls Kazutano's phone, Izaya answers, stating that he had been passing by with food from Russia Sushi, heard the phone ringing in the pocket of the unconscious Kanazawa, and decided to answer it. Izaya tells them his location before dodging a large object thrown by Shizuo. Izaya quickly says goodbye to Kyohei, throws the phone on top of Kanazawa, and runs away. Kyohei's gang finds Kanazawa and uses his phone to call the other two kidnappers and learn their meeting location. When Kanazawa wakes up, Kyohei, Erika, Walker, and Saburo are celebrating their success in finding their kidnapped friend. When Kanazawa asks who they are, the groups sings that they are the Dollars before Saburo knocks him unconscious again.

Trivia Edit

  • Kanazawa is repeatedly the first one of his group to be incapacitated.

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