Jingorou Adamura (阿多村甚五郎, Jingorou Adamura) is the current owner of the Bunokura mine, the head of the Adamura family, and the employer of the Futsuku group.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

A serious, strict man, Jingorou views his son's not as family, but as possessions. His son's are aware that he would have no problem leveraging their kidnapping or death to win public favor, Jingorou isn't shown to mind much when his eldest, Ryuuichi, is murdered.

Appearance Edit

Background Edit

Jingorou is the head of the Adamura family, a wealthy family which controls the Bunokura mines. The Adamura's essentially control Bunokura, rivaled only by the Kiyojima family, whose head of house is a congressman.

For years, the Bunokura mine raked in billions of dollars worth of ores, however, it dried up in recent years and no longer provided any ore to harvest. Not wanting to lose his important position in town, Jingorou begins ordering ores overseas, disguising the large purchases and having them placed in the mine to give the appearance that ore was still available. A few workers in the mine, in all various sections, have begun to catch on that something wasn't right, however, Jingorou has those workers promoted, or paid hush money, to keep the ruse going. Although most mine owners would simply buy land elsewhere and continue mining, it's said that Jingorou is afraid to lose the status he has in the town by moving his mining elsewhere.

His secret is threatened by the arrival of Izaya Orihara in Bunokura. The informant makes waves across the Adamura and Kiyojima family, gossiping and spreading rumors about the mine. Izaya's gossiping threatens the control Jingorou's family has on the town, so he hires Candiru to find anything they can about Izaya with the hopes of 'erasing' him.

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