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Voiced by

Japanese: Hiroki Yasumoto

He claims to be part of the Dollars. He first appears in episode 3, when Izaya trashed his girlfriend's phone. Izaya shaved his head with his flick-blade and fled. When Izaya starts a fight with Shizuo, he appears with some other members of the Dollars. Instead of continuing the fight with Shizuo, he flees once again. He later appears with his girlfriend again while Mikado and Anri are walking home, but yet again he is beat by Izaya and Celty. He makes his last appearance in the episode 25, when he gets beaten up by Mairu Orihara for yelling at Kururi, leaving Hiroshi: 0 and Orihara: 3.

He is known for his infamous 'Yo, yo, yo. Hey man!' and crotch grab. Later in volume 6 he is shown again beating up Mikado,and kidnapping Non and Rio. He runs away when Anri battles him with Saika.

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