Hiroshi (ヒロシ, Hiroshi) is Youko's ex-boyfriend and claims to be with the Dollars.



Hiroshi has the appearance of a street thug. He wears baggy clothing that hinders his ability to walk and has buzzed hair dyed orange.


Hiroshi is all talk. He speaks loudly and is a poor fighter. He seems to believe that by claiming to be a member of the Dollars he will be treated with reverence.


Hiroshi is introduced as Youko's boyfriend and a member of the Dollars. He trash-talks Mikado when he steps in to save Anri from Youko and her friends. When Izaya destroys Youko's phone, Hiroshi attempts to fight him. Izaya dodges his swings and shaves his head with his flick-blade, intimidating Hiroshi and the girls and making them flee. A short while later, when Izaya is facing off with Shizuo, Hiroshi appears with an armed group who claim to be with the Dollars. He and his fellow thugs instigate a fight with Shizuo and are easily beaten.

Later, he is asked by Shuuji Niekawa who the strongest man in Ikebukuro is.

An image of him is shown in episode 15 on a cover of the tabloid Tokyo Warrior with Takeshi.

He makes another appearance in episode 25, when he attempts to get revenge on Izaya and is beaten up by Mairu Orihara for knocking over and yelling at Kururi, leaving Hiroshi: 0; Orihara: 2.

In Durarara!! x2 Shou Episode 11, he is seen again beating up Mikado and kidnapping Non and Rio. He runs away when Anri battles him with Saika and shaves his head.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known for his infamous "Yo, yo, yo, hey man!" and crotch grab.