Hashim (ハシム, Hashim) is a character in the Durarara!! anime. He is a young boy with rosy cheeks and a running nose. During the abduction of the immigrants, he hides and notes of the license plate number of the kidnappers' van.

History Edit

Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Hashim sees the kidnappers' van while hiding behind a trash can eating a sub sandwich. Later in the day, he tells Kyouhei and his crew the license number of the van that took Kaztano away, and Walker and Erika say he is the little brother character they had been speaking of earlier. When Kyouhei's gang leaves, Saburo gives him wasabi and tells him it is not spicy.

Hashim was later seen at the Dollars meeting with Kazutano.

Yellow Scarves ArcEdit

Hashim helps Anri when she is being chased by the Yellow Scarves by shutting the garbage behind her, trapping the Yellow Scarves the opposite way Anri is running.