The three girls who make up the Ganguros are Haruko (blond-haired girl), Youko (brown-haired girl), and Akie (pink-haired girl). They are members of the Dollars and the Saika Army.

General Edit

The Ganguros are a trio of female high schoolers who seem to blame Anri Sonohara for their troubles and bully her on several occasions. They are sometimes seen with their boyfriends, including Hiroshi and Takeshi. They later become victims of the Slasher and are shown leading Haruna Niekawa's Saika Army in their battle with Shizuo Heiwajima. Their names were revealed in "Durarara no Subete."

History Edit

They first appear bullying Anri with Hiroshi. Izaya steps in, smashes Youko's phone and shaves Hiroshi's head and they retreat.