Emilia Kishitani is Shingen Kishitani's new wife and Shinra's step-mother. They apparently met while doing research at Nebula corp. She appears to share Shinra and Shingen's obsession with the unknown and even pays Celty for the privilege to perform an autopsy on her to see how her body works. She is introduced in the third light novel.


Personality Edit

Emilia is cheerful and energetic. She always tries to keep the mood lighthearted but knows when to act (or at least try to act) serious or respectful. She is also a bit of a workaholic, which keeps her away from home most of the day. Like Shingen, she insists that Celty and Shinra call her "Mother," but they find this extremely awkward, mostly due to the fact that Emilia is even younger than Shinra.

Appearance Edit

Emilia is of European decent and has blonde hair and greenish eyes. She is also described as having large breasts. Her usual wardrobe consists of a white lab coat and a green undershirt. She also wears a gas mask like Shingen, but she doesn't use it nearly as often as her husband and treats it more like a gimmick than a necessity.


Hollywood ArcEdit

Emilia is first seen finishing up an autopsy on Celty and thanks her profusely for letting her do this. She annoys Celty slightly with her somewhat skewed grammar in Japanese as well as her insistence that Celty and Shinra refer to her as "Mother." This feeling quickly vanishes when Emilia pays Celty 1 million yen in cash up front, which prompts Celty to thank Emilia greatly and ride off back to Shinra.

It is revealed through Celty that Emilia technically lives with them, but she is rarely ever home for very long due to her work. She, Shinra, and Celty hold a hotpot party at the apartment and Emilia, along with Celty, Anri, Mika, and Erika take charge of the cooking. Color illustrations rate the girls' cooking skills with Emilia scoring the lowest of the bunch at a -20.

Dragon Zombie ArcEdit

Emilia and Celty do their best to tend to Shinra's wounds, but Shinra's energetic personality makes it very difficult for both of them.


Shingen KishitaniEdit

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According to Emilia, she and Shingen met a few years ago while the former was researching about vampires. Shingen had tried to interfere because she lacked professionals to work with the specimen she had captured. Their joint work brought them closer together.

In the few times they have been seen together, Emilia seems unfazed by Shingen's strange interests and even appears to share them to a certain extent. She seems to care about him greatly and to view his personality as fun, which baffles her other relatives, specifically Shinra and Celty.

Shinra and CeltyEdit

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Emilia's relationship to her stepson and daughter-in-law is a bit less ambiguous than her relationship to her husband. Emilia does her best to get along with both of them and tries to stay at least somewhat involved with their lives (unlike Shingen) as shown when she helped Celty treat Shinra's wounds after he was attacked. However, despite her good nature, Shinra and Celty are still a bit awkward around her mostly due to the fact that Emilia is even younger than Shinra. Needless to say, this causes her motherly tendencies to cause everyone to feel a bit uncomfortable.

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