"Mouth of Honey, a Needle in the Heart" is the eighth episode of Durarara!!x2 Ten and the forty-eighth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.



Amphisbaena is an outfit which runs an underground casino, and Heaven's Slave is a gang of drug dealers. Even as dubious rumors swirl, no one can figure out who these two groups really are. The Awakusu gang hires Izaya to do some digging, but he’s abducted by Amphisbaena. The organization’s No. 2, Mimizu, torments him in an attempt to wring some information out of him, but in reality he manages to get the upper hand.

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adapted from what manga or LN chapter?


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In order of appearance (not including OP)

  1. Izaya Orihara
  2. Mikage Sharaku
  3. Ran Izumii
  4. Haruna Niekawa
  5. Haruya Shiki
  6. Akane Awakusu

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