"Roses Have Thorns" is the sixth episode of Durarara!!x2 Ten and the forty-sixth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


He was in love with Ruri Hijiribe. That was the reason why he became a stalker, and loved her so intensely that he wanted to destroy her soul. All the suffering Ruri had gone through alone, and the reason for the emergence of the bloodthirsty killer, Hollywood, will be revealed. They are memories all too repugnant…
Meanwhile, Masaomi, having made up his mind to return to Ikebukuro, shows up before a certain person.

Shinra answers the door, only to be attacked by Kisuke.

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adapted from what manga or LN chapter?


  • When Shizuo Heiwajima talks to Masaomi Kida, a flashback of Episode 24 of the original series is shown. It is when Shizuo is shot by a couple of Horada's henchmen, trying to pin the shooting on Masaomi.


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  1. Kisuke Adabashi
  2. Ruri Hijiribe
  3. Kasuka Heiwajima
  4. Jinnai Yodogiri

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