"A Rumor only lasts Seventy-Five Days" is the fourth episode of Durarara!!x2 Ten and the forty-fourth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


The city is rife with rumors about the “most powerful man in Ikebukuro.”
“He’s injured, he’s walking around with a woman, he’s even got a kid with him.”
Vorona is also a part of these rumors laden with half-truths. Having lost her sense of purpose after being defeated by Shizuo, she starts working with the debt collectors, at Denis’s suggestion, but… Elsewhere in the city, the men who’ve swallowed these rumors start launching their campaigns to take down “Ikebukuro’s most powerful.”

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adapted from what manga or LN chapter?


Certain scenes are congruent to the previous episode.


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  1. Shizuo Heiwajima

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