"Marriages are made in Heaven" is the third episode of Durarara!!x2 Ten and the forty-third episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


Mizuki Akabayashi, an Awakusu-kai leader, is also known as the “Red Devil of Awakusu.” He detests drugs, and keeps watch over the city of Ikebukuro 24/7. He’s also suspected of killing the boss of his former organization. The reason why he hates drugs with every fiber of his being; the suspicion that he murdered the boss. It all started six years ago, on the night of a new moon - the night he met “The Slasher.” Mizuki abandons his boss and lets him gets stabbed by a boy with a knife.

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Adapted from light novel volume 7, chapter 3.


Refers to episode 2 when Seiji approached Anri.


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