"Adversity Makes a Man Wise" is the twelfth and final episode of Durarara!!x2 Shou and the thirty-ninth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


The battles between the Toramaru and the rogue Dollars members and Vorona and Anri continue until Shizuo shows up. Shizuo tells Mikado he is quitting the Dollars. Asanuma attempts to stab Shizuo, but gets his arm broken and is thrown into a fence and Asanuma's allies run away. After seeing his strength, Vorona attempts to stab Shizuo but fails and Shizuo chases after her. Slon picks up Vorona and Shizuo throws a car at them. She attempts to shoot Shizuo in the eye, but Celty stops her. Mikiya reveals to Shiki that he killed those men and that he helped Izaya frame Shizuo. Shu and Mizuki injure and take Slon, while Simon and Denis take Vorona. Mikado stabs Aoba's hand and uses a bloody piece of paper as a contract. Izaya receives a call from an unknown individual. The individual is revealed to be Jinnai Yodogiri, who proceeds to stab him as payback for interfering with his plans.

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New CharactersEdit

In order of appearance (not including OP)

Characters Edit

In order of appearance (not including OP)

  1. Anri Sonohara
  2. Vorona
  3. Mikado Ryuugamine
  4. Chikage Rokujou
  5. Asanuma
  6. Celty Sturluson
  7. Slon
  8. Akane Awakusu
  9. Shiki
  10. Mikiya Awakusu
  11. Egor
  12. Simon Brezhnev
  13. Denis
  14. Aoba Kuronuma
  15. Izaya Orihara
  16. Jinnai Yodogiri


Mikado: "Regardless of your reasons, you got Sonohara-san involved. This is my answer to that. At the same time, this is the first order I'm giving you. Accept my fury."

Aoba: "This bloody piece of paper is our contract. From this day forth, Mikado-senpai, you're our leader. You're free to use this power called the Blue Squares within the Dollars however you see fit."