Durarara!!x2“結” (Ketsu)

Durarara!! x2 Ketsu E09 00m 00s

Title: Walking on Thin Ice 「薄氷を踏む」 (Hakuhyou o fumu)

Japanese Date Aired: 5 March 2016

English Date Aired: 10 May 2016

Previous Episode → 08

Next Episode → 10

Narrated by Mizuki Akabayashi


The number of Saika possessed people continues to increase as they fill the area around Russia Sushi. Anri heads to visit Celty and the Blue Squares prepare to confront Chikage, all while Izaya and Shizuo fight to the death.

Adapted FromEdit

adapted from what manga or LN chapter?


references to previous episodes?


New CharactersEdit

In order of appearance (not including OP)

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit


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