Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc x2 (デュラララ!!黄巾賊編 (2)) is the ninth volume in the Durarara!! manga series and the second volume of the Yellow Scarves arc.


The Yellow Scarves are threatened when an unknown individual infiltrates their hideout. Just when the Yellow Scarves have their quarry cornered, the Headless Rider, urban legend of Ikebukuro, comes to her rescue. The incident leaves the entire neighborhood unsettled once again, and the resulting turmoil forces Masaomi Kida, leader of the Yellow Scarves, to come face-to-face with the painful past from which he once fled...


No. Title
1 Chapter 6: I Would Be Honored
2 Chapter 7: What Does This Mean?
3 Chapter 8: You Might Call It A Grim Reaper
4 Chapter 9: Are You Back
5 Chapter 10: Welcome
5 Chapter 11: You Should Come Too