Kokinzoku Hen
 This page is for the 1st chapter of Durarara!! Yellow scarves Arc.

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The story starts with Izaya Orihara playing his confusing board game. Then on a news flash it talks about "Ripper Night" and it was when 50 people were slashed by the slasher. Mikado comments in Anri's hospital room about the police not catching the slasher. Masaomi turns off the TV in anger.  Mikado then asks Anri if her wound were feeling better. She replied that they were fine. Masaomi hitting on her told her that if he could stay with her 24/7 he would've stopped the slasher.

Masaomi gets a text from someone and so he tells his friends that he has to do a rain check and leaves. When Masaomi leaves the hospital it looks like a person was watching him. In Saburo's car they were talking about Ripper night and then one of them said that there were more people wearing Yellow Scarves. Elsewhere, Izaya was on his board game,and he says that the Yellow Scarves, The Slasher, and The Dollars are all now mixed together. Some Slasher victims were in the Yellow Scarves or the Dollars.

Namie asks about the Yellow Scarves being made by a middle-schoolers and if it would ruin a piece of the game board. Izaya says that there was more to the piece, the person who was the piece was already a threat. Izaya then comments how the relationship between him and the leader of the Yellow Scarves were not so good. Elsewhere in a warehouse Masaomi was asking the Yellow Scarves not to bring him back to the gang.

He said ever since a incident with Izaya he didn't want to go back to the gang. A Yellow Scarves member called him senpai and said that they really need him. The guy was then kicked in the face and the man who kicked the guy in the face yelled at him to call Masaomi General. Masaomi said it was fine,and he said that he was just a normal high-schooler. Masaomi then comments how they were  a good match for the Dollars,and they were a little gloomy.

The guy who kicked the other dude in the face told Masaomi since the last incident that they were doubting the Dollars. The guy said that they know Masaomi is a part of the Dollars but the guy said that the Dollars might be the slasher army,and it wasn't just him and it was the others. Masaomi then replied that he wasn't going to do something for the guy's sake. Masaomi said that he slasher destroyed his calm life.  He said that he couldn't forgive the slasher for attacking Anri.

He said that he'll crush the slasher no matter how many they were. He said if the dollars were involved he'll crush them even though he is part of that gang too. Izaya in his office lit a match,and started to burn his board game. He said that the pawns burn like trash Namie replies that if they burn they're trash. She also told him that he better clean that all up. He then started to look through cards and then he said that the king was Shizuo while the Queen was Celty.

He said that the joker was the guy from Nebula. He then threw all of his cards in the fire. He then asks Celty's head if the fun had started in Ikebukuro. In the warehouse Masaomi was groaning about the slasher ruining his calm. He then said that the slasher brought him back to the Yellow Scares. Over anger he kicks down a chair. He then repeats that the slasher brought him back to the Yellow Scarves.