There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.


  • Don't upload or link to full videos
    • Single animation frames can be uploaded for reference in articles (not all frames though)
  • Don't upload or link to full manga pages, except for cover pages
    • Single page cells can be uploaded for reference in articles (not all cells though)
  • Every page and image needs to be added to a Category
  • When linking to common terminology, actors, artists, and developers please link to the correct page at animanga wiki, if it does not exist then create it there.
    • Example: ahoge [[w:c:animanga:ahoge|ahoge]]
    • Example: Coharu Sakuraba [[w:c:animanga:Coharu Sakuraba|Coharu Sakuraba]]
  • Fan fiction - do not upload fan art, but fan fiction can be added your own user page or blog

Style SheetEdit

  • Western style names, (First, Last)
  • Standard naming and content is American English.
  • Alternate spelling pages should be redirected to American English article.
  • Names with ō and ū are not are not to be used for primary page names but can be used as redirects.
    • These symobls are not standard on English keyboards.
  • Articles in Category:Episodes, Category:Volumes, Category:Chapters, and Category:Characters should have a consistent style.

Article LayoutEdit

  • Pages should have a consistent format, see existing pages in that category for examples.
  • Page naming conventions:
    • Durarara!! Light Novel Volume ##
    • Durarara!! SUBNAME Manga Volume ##
    • Durarara!! Light Novel Volume ##/Chapter ## - for LN chapters
    • Durarara!! SUBNAME Manga Chapter ### - for Manga chapters
    • Durarara!! SUBNAME Episode ## - for anime episodes

Article FormattingEdit

  • Text should be LEFT justified.
  • Links per page: a max of one per section, one per page if sections are small.
  • If the page is part of a list it should link back to the parent page.
  • Articles should be written in the Present tense, including arcs on character pages.

File NamesEdit

  • EDIT

Editing RemarksEdit

  • sp - spelling corrected
  • gr - grammar corrected
  • EC - edit conflict
  • raw - unedited data


Relevant to all sections, new section, new pages,and new media

Mainly keeping page/image names organized, and from being potentially conflicting(disambiguous).

Ask if you are unsure on how to name a page or image, it will create less problems later on.

All pages should be accessible in some way via the Main Page, Navigation bar or Categories.

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