Durarara!! Saika Arc x3 (デュラララ!!罪歌編 (3)) is the seventh volume in the Durarara!! manga series and the third volume of the Saika arc.

Synopsis Edit

We love all of humanity. Mysterious chat room messages, all posted under the name "Saika," profess love for humanity – and for one man in particular. Saika’s target: Shizuo Heiwajima! Over fifty people have been struck in the worst case of serial slashings in the history of Ikebukuro. The slasher’s victims have tasted not only the blade, but also the vision of their attacker. A vision of love, love, love that can only be realized when their own blades have pierced the bodies of their beloveds. Shizuo braces himself for a battle to the death in the shocking climax of the Saika Arc!

Chapters Edit

No. Title
1 Chapter 11: Brains, Beauty, Blade
2 Chapter 12: Sword and Stress
3 Chapter 13: Black and Blue and Blade All Over
4 Chapter 14: The Ecstasy of Violence
5 Chapter 15: Flawless. Unsanguine
6 Chapter 16 (Final Chapter)