Durarara!! Saika Arc x1 (デュラララ!!罪歌編 (1)) is the fifth volume in the Durarara!! manga series and the first volume of the Saika arc.

Synopsis Edit

Ikebukuro, Tokyo - a neighborhood where twisted love prowls! A series of street slashings in Ikebukuro begins to connect total strangers: a teenage girl with no personality of her own, a beat writer for a third-rate tabloid, a teacher suspected of harassment, an informant based in Shinjuku, and a headless rider straddling a pitch-black motorcycle. Meanwhile, the slasher continues to terrorize the night, all in search of... “him”!?

Chapters Edit

No. Title
1 Chapter 1: Red Breath, Long Breath
2 Chapter 2: Demon Blade, Dog Meal
3 Chapter 3: Ikebukuro's Most Dangerous
4 Chapter 4: The Ikebukuro Calamity