This is the the sixteeth and final Chapter of the Durarara Saika Arc.

Name: The Blue Sky is Already... Dead?

Previous Chapter: Chapter 015

Next Chapter: Yellow Scarves Arc Ch 001


The chapter opens with Kyohei's gang driving around in their van. Saburo is hunched over the steering wheel talking about how he shouldn't have asked Yumasaki for help in replacing the door to his van which Shizuo had previously ripped off. The door in question, now features an anime girl which Yumasaki clearly finds to be distasteful. In the back of the van seemingly oblivious to the disgruntled Saburo, Erika and Yumasaki excitedly discuss manga together, ignoring the conversation between Kyohei and Saburo up front.

Back in the front of the van, Kyohei and Saburo discuss how the slasher killings were never solved. The think back to the slasher they had caught trying to attack Anri and how he didn't seem to know anything at all. As far as the rest of the town knew, it was nothing more than a squabble between color gangs or bikers. Kyohei thinks to himself about how the Dollars were suspected of having something to do with it.

Elsewhere in the city, Takashi stands distressed in his apartment about how everybody is treated him like a fool. He makes a plan to tell all the teachers at the faculty meeting about how Anri attacked him with a katana and must be working with Haruna, in his mind, he believes the teacher will take his side and nobody else will mess with him.

Somewhere else, Tom and Shizuo walk the cold streets for work. Tom asks Shizuo why he's in such a good mood, to which Shizuo replies that he had just cleared his head a bit. Without replying to Shizuo's thought, Tom goes on to tell Shizuo that their target for work today is a real piece of work. The target had borrowed thousands from various places before trying to weasel out of paying by saying he has Yakuza friends. Tom goes on to say that he laughed upon looking into the man's situation. Apparently the man has zero Yakuza connections and all he did was borrow from back-alley loan sharks working with the Awakusu-kai.

Still in the midst of his seemingly good mood, Shizuo asks if they're to 'gently' persuade him to shut his trap, to which Tom agrees before questioning Shizuo's good mood once more.

The target turns out to be Takashi, who upon hearing the knock to his door, theorizes that it's Izaya here to make him disappear, or perhaps the Anri, or Haruna, or the Black Rider. Distressed, he shoves himself into the corner behind his door hinge armed with a fire extinguisher.

After Shizuo and Tom's knocks at his door go unheard, Tom mentions that his electricity meter has been running smoothly, leading to Shizuo trying to open the doorknob but accidentally breaking it off in full. As the door opens, Takashi slams the fire extinguisher into Shizuo's face, provoking Shizuo's anger.

In the Hospital, we see both Kida and Mikado visiting Anri who has not yet been discharged following the Slasher incident. Kida dramatically expresses how Anri never would've been hurt had he been by her side 24/7, interrupted by the sudden ringing of his cell phone. Chided by Mikado for having his cell on in the hospital, he's thrown off beat, apologizing before saying he needs to leave.

With Anri and Mikado left alone in the hospital room, Mikado decides this is his big chance, asking Anri is there was anybody specifically she had on her mind. Anri goes on to explain that a few hours before she was hurt, she was actually attacked on the street, but was saved by some people, one of them being the Black Rider.

Mikado, unaware of how much Anri knew about the Black Rider but stunned that she also knew Celty, decides he shouldn't bring up the fact that he knows Celty because he may end up having to explain his involvement in the Dollars.

Once Mikado leaves, Anri thinks to herself in her hospital bed about all she had learned from Haruna's Saika children, about the person behind all the events in this city being Izaya Orihara.

The scene changes to show Izaya and Namie in his apartment. Namie muses about how odd Izaya's name is, to which Izaya replies that it 'might just be a coincidence that he turned out the way he did', but that he feels his name suits him perfectly. Izaya goes on to say that though everybody probably believes all that has happened to be mere coincidence, it was really all him.

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