This is the fiftteenth chapter of the Durarara!! Saika Arc.

Name: No Blood at All

Previous Chapter: Chapter 14

Next Chapter: Chapter 16 (Final)


Anri in the frame says that she is still dreaming. Dreaming of a happy past because she didn't had one. Since she was a kid her father was abuseive. The only time he didn't hit her was when she had swimming lessons. He hitted her with full force but never left a scar on her. Her mom always tried to help her but her father would hit her mom too.

She then started to loose her emmotions. Then 5 years earlier. They were doing a news report on Haruna Niekawa being slashed by the slasher. Then her father went of to Anri,and his eyes were cold. He went to her,and started to choke her planning to kill her. Then her mom who was on the ground got up with a katana,and said I love you honey,and cutted Anri's dad's head off.

Then she stabbed herself in the stomach killing herself. Anri was the only one left. She then took the Saika sword. Haruna started to laugh then she started to cut Anri multiple times. Anri after a little bit pulled her katana to Haruna's neck. She askes Haruna is she was afraid that she was going to die. Haruna askes if she could slash Anri on purpose.

Anri then says that she'll have Saika rely on Haruna heart for a bit. Anri said that what she was going to do wouldn't kill her. Then Anri stabs Haruna in the neck. Anri told Haruna that she wasn't like her since she could love people,and Anri can't. Shizuo was still punching people. Then when he was about to punch a girl they turned back to normal,and Shizuo somehow stopped himself from punching her.

He started to laugh. Then he said that his body was finally listening to him. Where Anri was Takshi told her that Haruna tried to slash him in his office one time then he lied to the school,and made the school move her to another school. Celty came in. Takashi asked Anri if she wanted to run with him from Celty. He said that she'll return the favor from him helping her from bullies. anri said that she'd already returned the favor.

She said that she thoughjt the black rider was the slasher,and she attacked her when he was being attacked by Celty. Celty figures out the Takasi was the one who stole the money. Anri askes why he was being chased by the black rider. Takshi askes if Anri really wanted to use the sword on him,and she says that she really hates him. He then runs away screaming.

Anri then thinks that the celty would fight her but then she sees Celty putting Haruna on her motorcycle. She said that she'll have a underground doctor heal Haruna,and tells Anri that she did the right thing. Celty tells Anri that she's worried that if she would fight she'll loose,and Celty drives away. Anri then reveals thart she could now control over than 100 people.

She says that she's not happy or sad. A voice from Saika says that it dosen't like her or hates her. Anri wonders who said that then she putted Saika back in her body. In the chatrroom Saika was apolizeding for the spam,and told them that she was not going back to the chat room most likely then Saika left. TarouTanaka came on and questioned about Saika's behavour,and then he left. Setton came on saying that Saika can come back but not spam them. Then Setton left having that chatroom be empty.

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