This is the fiftteenth chapter of the Durarara!! Saika Arc.

Name: No Blood at All

Previous Chapter: Chapter 14

Next Chapter: Chapter 16 (Final)


Anri says that she is still dreaming. Dreaming of a happy past because she didn't had one. As a child, her father had been abusive. The only time he didn't hit her was when she had swimming lessons. He hit her with full force but never left a scar on her. Her mom had always tried to help her, but that would only cause her father to go after her mother. During this abusive period, Anri began disassociating from her emotions.

Around the same time, the news began reporting that Haruna Niekawa had been slashed by the Slasher. Unrelated to the report, Anri's father snapped, attempting to strangle his daughter to death. Witnessing her daughter being attacked, Anri's mother took Saika, killing Anri's dad and then herself. Still in shock, and being left with her now dead parents, Anri gripped Saika from where it lay on the floor, making it her own.

The scene returns to Haruna and Anri. Haruna began laughing as she sliced Anri multiple times. After a few useless cuts, Anri puts her own Saika, the mother of Haruna's Saika, to Haruna's neck. She asks Haruna if she is afraid that she was going to die.

Anri tells Haruna that she wants her to love Saika as well, because Saika is very lonely. She also says that what she is going to do wouldn't kill her, before before slicing Haruna in the neck. Afterwards, Anri tells Haruna that she isn't like her since Haruna could love people, but Anri can't.

Elsewhere, Shizuo is still fighting the Saika children who had attacked him in the park. Just before he lands a punch on another Saika controlled person, they return to normal. With a show of self-restraint, Shizuo manages to stop himself just before his fist makes contact.

Later on, Saika returns to the chat-room run by Izaya, apologizing for all the spam she had left. Saika also claims that she will not return to the chat-room just before exiting. TarouTanaka comes on mere seconds after Saika leaves, questioning Saika's behavior before also leaving the chat. Setton enters the chat afterwards, saying that Saika can come back as long as she does not spam them. Setton then also makes her exit from the room leaving it empty.

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