This the the 13th chapter of the Durarara!! Saika Arc manga.

Name: Black and Blue and Blade All Over

Previous Chapter: Chapter 012

Next Chapter: Chapter 014


Haruna askes Takashi if he remembers when he first met her when he saved her from bullies. She told them she thought about him a lot even when he got money from her,and when he dumped her. She told him that she didn't care if he'd dump her even though she'll still love him. Then she told him that Saika came to talk to her,and she showed him how'd they would communicate. She cutted herself,and then told Takashi that she'll give him her blood drip by drip.

She putted the knife to his neck. Anri out of nowhere yelled to wait. Haruna was surprised how did she manage to escape when there was five of Saika's children in there. Anri asked her to stop hurting people with her knife. Takashi was curled up in a ball frightened when Haruna looked at him. She then yelled about Anri not being a part of what she was doing. She yells that Anri was a weak parasite. Anri tells Haruna about her opinon of fighting.

Haruna asked Anri if she had ever loved someone,and Anri denied. Haruna told anri that Saika almost took control of her body trying to cut Takashi,and Haruna revealed that she held back with all of her stregth. She then told Anri that she took control over Saika with the power of love. Anri asked why she wanted to slash Takashi now. Haruna replied that Saika told her if she slashed people she'll take over them,and it might even kill her love (Takashi).

Haruna then ran at Anri with her knife planning to kill her. Anri then blocked with her arm,and it didn't cut her. Anri told her that she was afraid of love. Since Anri's parents died she felt that way. Anri then pulled out a katana from her hand. She said that Haruna knife was just a party of Saika when the real Saika was a katana her katana. Haruna was amazed at the sight,and asked how it could be.

Anri said that Saika was a parasite living off of her. Haruna said thatanri's sword was the same exact sword that slashed her five years ago. She asked if Anri killed her own parents that day. Anri replied that Haruna could say that sliceing the knife out of her hand. Haruna went down to pick it up when pulled her katana to Haruna shoulder. Anri asked her if Haruna could stop Saika's children to stop the slashings.

Haruna yelled at Anri that she surpassed Saika,and wouldn't do what anri said. Anri after hearing that made Haruna hear Saika's love confessons. It was a horrible sound. Haruna fell over after hearing it asking Anri how does she manage to hear that. She replied that she lacked a bunch of things,and says that she makes up of what she lacks. She then told her that she lives with the parasite (Saika) inside of her.

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