This is the twelve chapter of the Durarara!! Saika arc manga.

Name: Demon Blade, Complete Anarchy

Previous Chapter: Chapter 11

Next Chapter: Chapter 13


Chapter 12 resumes with Haruna and Takashi. Haruna has opened the front door of Anri's apartment expecting a friend of her's to attack or 'love'. Instead, Haruna finds her ex lover/obsession: Takashi. Overwhelmed with happiness, Haruna seemingly forgets about Anri up until Takashi screams, running away from Haruna who he hadn't expected to see at Anri's.

Seeing this, Haruna sends in a handful of Saika's children to kill Anri in her stead while she goes to catch Takashi. Elsewhere, Shizuo and Celty walk towards the middle of South Ikebukuro Park. As they reach the middle of the park, it doesn't take long for an innumerable amount of Saika's children to surround the two.

One of Saika's children steps forward, she begins to explain why they've gathered here and why they need him. As the children withdraw their weapons, Celty pulls out her own scythe. Shizuo questions Saika about why she loves him. Saika responds that it's his strength they love, the same as how human's search for good genes to reproduce, Saika does the same. Her answer draws laughter from Shizuo, the laughter seemingly unsettling Celty who begins to display nervousness.

Celty reassures Shizuo that he can leave if it becomes too much, assuming that is why he's become nearly hysterical. However, Shizuo declines before going on to explain why he had begun to laugh. It was because he thought no one would ever love him, his strength which twists street signs and rips concrete from the ground, he was sure he was unlovable. Shizuo then asks if he can use all of his power on them. A fight swiftly ensues, Shizuo mentioning that he still doesn't hate them as much as he hates Izaya

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