Brains, Beauty, Blade is the eleventh chapter in the Durarara!! Saika Series.


Shizuo attempts to get into Izaya's apartment and just as he is about to kick down the door to get inside Izaya calls out to him from behind, questioning why he is present. Shizuo retorts back that he is going to beat him up, proclaiming Izaya is related to the events going on in the city. Izaya attempts to wade suspicion but Shizuo is not being swayed. Left with no other option, Izaya pulls out his switchblade a prepares himself for a fight.

Shizuo walks outside and pulls out the guard rail. The two are about to collide when Celty breaks in between them on her motorcycle. Once the two lay down their arms, Celty shows Shizuo Saika's activity in the chatroom. Shortly after, Shizuo gets on Celty's motorcycle and they head off to where the conflicts are happening.

Elsewhere, Haruna is talking to Anri, revealing that she looked into her history and knows about the robber that broke into her parent's store who killed them. But even as Haruna is talking to her, Anri has retreated to her frame room. Haruna approaches Anri and claims she has an easy life, which Anri retaliates before proceeding to insult Takashi Nasujima. Haruna, enraged, decides to end Anri's life. Just before she could slit her throat, the doorbell rings. Haruna goes to kill the person on the other side but sees it is Takashi at the door.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter's title is a pun on the expression 才色兼備, which refers to typically a woman gifted with both beauty and intelligence. The character for "and" (兼) is replaced with the homophone "blade" (剣).

Quotes Edit

Izaya: "This is exactly why I hate you so much, Shizu-chan."