This is the eleventh chapter of Durarara!! Saika Arc.

Name: Colour of the Ready Sword

Previous chapter: Chapter 10

Next chapter: Chapter 12


Shizuo is trying to use the door to get into Izaya's house but, the door is locked so he decides to kick the door down. When he is about to kick down the door Izaya asks him why he is at his doorstep. Shizuo replies that he was going to beat Izaya up. Izaya asks him why, and Shizuo replies that he is mad, and he says that Izaya was too weird.

Shizuo then asks Izaya if he was behind the Saika thing. Izaya said he didn't know what Shizuo was talking about, and Shizuo claims that 99% of problems in Ikebukuro are caused by Izaya. He replies that Shizuo should trust the 1% of the time. Izaya then pulls out his switchblade on Shizuo. Shizuo walks past him and picks up a road bumper. Izaya plans to stab him before he throws it, but then Celty bumps in the battle and shows Shizuo the chatroom.

Shizuo asks Izaya if that was a part of his plan, and Izaya replies that he would've dropped a meteor on Shizuo's house if he could make things like that happen. Shizuo then jumps on Celty's motorcycle, and they drive off.

Elsewhere, Haruna was talking to Anri. Haruna said that she has done research on Anri, and Haruna revealed that a robber came into Anri's house and killed her parents.She said that Anri saw the death of her own parents, and didn't know the robber's face. Anri was then in the frame room looking at the frames of her dreams. Haruna then started to approach Anri with her knife. Haruna said that Anri has an easy life. Anri denies this and then she says that Takashi was lower than a parasite. Haruna, stunned at what Anri said, pointed a knife at Anri's throat. Before she could have been stabbed the doorbell rang.

Haruna opens the door planning on killing the person on the other side, but it was Takashi on the other side of the door.