This is the tenth chapter.

Name: Calm. Serene. Insane

Previous Chapter: Chapter 009

Next Chapter: Chapter 011


Celty comes home with the knife and shows Shinra. Shinra tells Celty that Saika's motive is to love by slashing people. Elsewhere Anri is at her house wondering about Celty. She then hears a knock from her door.

Anri looks through the key hole and shes a woman. She lets the woman in,and the woman was Haruna Niekawa. Haruna talks to Anri about her love Takashi and his rejection. She says that she still loves Takashi,and dosen't hate him. She says that the only people she hates was the people trying to take Takashi from her. Anri says that she dosen't like Takashi at all. Haruna didn't care,and told Anri that she needed to do the job herself.

At the apartment Shinra notices something about the knife. He picks it up,and Celty believes that he's being pocessed. but it wasn't Saika. The knife was made in Japan in 2010. Celty then noticed that Shuiji was slashed,and he was the attacker. Celty then checks the chat and sees Saika repeatly join the chat telling Shizuo to go to West gate park where they were.

Celty goes out to find Shizuo. Elsewhere. Haruna is revealed to be the slasher and was going to kill Anri. Then all over the city people were being slashed by pocessed people of Saika...

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