Name: Blade Flash. Red Shadow

Previous Chapter: Chapter 008

Next chapter: Chapter 010


After being being crushed by a car door, Shuji Niekawa somehow gets up. He says if he couldn't get Shizuo he would get Anri. Fortunately, Celty gets in the way only to be stabbed herself. She then pins down Shuiji which provokes him into yelling about the disgrace of being taken down by a monster.

Taking possession of the knife with her shadows, Celty carefully wraps it up. Even though they took down what they thought was the slasher Shizuo wasn't satisfied with the supposed resolution. Adamant that Izaya must have something to do with this, he leaves to go 'kill' Izaya. With Shizuo now gone, Celty leaves Shuji with the van gang to handle as they pleased.

Before leaving, Celty recognizes Anri as the girl who hangs out with Mikado, offering to escort her home. Once they arrive at Anri's apartment, she hesitantly asks Celty if she'll remove her helmet, to which Celty obliges.

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