This is the eighth chapter.

Name: Right to the Points

Previous Chapter: Chapter 007

Next Chapter: Chapter 009


Celty and Shizuo were driving around looking for the slasher when some Yellow Scarves members stared at them. Shizuo jumped out of the motorcycle,and told the the guys the chances of killing someone with a stare.

He then beats up the guys. Celty stops Shizuo and tells him that they have no time for them. She then feels a strange feeling. Elsewhere Erika wonders if the guy they just ran over is dead. But Shuiji gets up,and almosts slashes Kyohei. Shuiji swang the knife around.

Walker knew that girl was in big trouble,and erika askes if they could run over Shuiji again. Kyohei says there was not ime for that so he decides to try jumping in the way. He was stopped when Celty runs Shuiji over with her motorcycle. Shizuo was there too. Everyone was surprised about that. Shuiji got up and started to say things to shizuo about love. Walker askes why could he still stand after being hit by a van and motorcycle.

Celty askes Anri if she was okay,and she was. Then she askes herslef how she would kill him. Celty also pulled out her sycthe. Shizuo then starts a fight with Shuiji. So, Shizuo askes Kyohei for his car door. He rips it off and crushes Shuiji with the car door.

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