This is the seventh chapter.

Name: Situation Homicidal

Previous Chapter: Chapter 006

Next Chapter: Chapter 008


Celtry was talking to Shizuo about the demon blade. Shizuo wasn't confused because of the Dollars meeting incident. So Shizuo jumps on her motorcycle and they drive off. Elsewhere Anri was wondering why Takashi was so nervious when she mentioned Haruna.

Then Anri was stopped by two cops telling her that it was eleven o'clock. Anri noticed that then and told them that she'll go home stairght away. But the cops wanted to escort Anri home,but they get a call and run to the place. Anri then walked a crosswalk where a guy was following her. Elsewhere Walker was yelling at a novel he was reading.

Kyohei asked him what he was reading,and it was his own novel. He then told them to get serious because a Dollars member was slashed. Erika told him that they didn't knwo the guy like Kazutano. Walker and Erika then went to thier manga fantsys. Kyohei asked Saburo aqbout how careless people can get because he saw Anri walking alone.

Anri ran into the place where she first saw the slasher. Right then a man who was stalking her pulled out a knife. It was Shuiji Niekawa. Anri saw him, but before she could've got slashed Saburo ran over the guy with his van.

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