This is the sixth chapter.

Name: Uncertain Girl

Previous Chapter: Chapter 005

Next Chapter: Chapter 007


In the beginning of the chapter little Anri is having a birthday party with her parents. She asks them if they would be together forever, and they said yes. It all turned out to be a dream as Anri woke up. It was revealed that her parents died 5 years ago, and Anri was by herself.

Later Anri is walking down the stairs of Raira academy. She is stopped by Takashi who starts to sexually harass her again. He askes her about the slasher run in she had. Anri then askes Takashi if he wanted her to transfer schools. He denies this even though Anri had a good reason to ask him. Anri then mentions Haruna Niekawa.

Takashi looked surprised and asks Anri if she knew Haruna. Anri said she just heard about her name, and Takashi then tried to change the conversation. Anri then continued walking. Takashi tried stopping her but she kept going. In the end of the chapter Anri declared that Takashi would not ruin her happiness.

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