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It leaves off where Shizuo asks Celty if she suspects him. Celty then says that she knows that Shizuo wouldn't slash people. She tells him about the slasher cutting off her helmet, and Shizuo gets pissed off.

He yells at Celty that she should've killed the slasher, then Shizuo declares he will kill them himself. Celty calms him down and says that she'll get information first, and Shizuo accepts that. Celty later goes to Izaya Orihara's office and asks him for information about the slasher.

After being paid Izaya then asks Celty if he shined a light on her would he see her naked. Celty then asks him if he wanted to try, and he says no, and that he isn't a pervert like Shinra. Celty then wraps some of her shadows around Izaya's neck threatening to kill him if he messes with Shinra. Izaya then starts laughing about the idea of of Celty and Shinra being in love.

Izaya calmed down and told Celty about a demon blade named Saika. Elsewhere in that chat room the spammer "Saika" was there talking about slashing people until she met Shizuo Heiwajima.

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