This is the 3rd chapter in the Durarara!! Saika Series.

Name: Ikebukuro's Most Dangerous

Previous Chapter: Chapter 002

Next Chapter: Chapter 004


Celty Sturluson sees Shizuo Heiwajima  and walks up to him. She asks him if he was okay. Shizuo says that nothing has really happened and that he was reminiscing about the past and asks Celty if she would mind listening to him about it.

When Shizuo was in third grade he had his first breakdown because Kasuka ate his pudding. Shizuo got pissed off so he tried throwing a refrigerator at Kasuka. Luckily Shizuo broke his arms before Kasuka could've gotten crushed by a refrigerator. The next day at school young Shinra Kishitani walks up to Shizuo and talks about extraordinary strength to Shizuo.

While Shinra was talking, two bully's were teasing Shizuo. Sihzuo got pissed off so he threw a desk at them. Shizuo then tells about when he accidentally attacked a sweet woman. After Shizuo finished he asked Celty why it was she came. Celty then tells him that someone who was connected to the slasher dropped Shizuo's name and the reporter who was interviewing him was attacked ,and Shizuo thinks that Celty believes that he is the slasher.

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