This is the 2nd chapter of the Saika Arc manga.

Name: Demon Blade, Dog Meat

Previous Chapter: Saika Chapter 001

Next Chapter: Chapter 003


The chapter starts in the chatroom where user Kanra talks about Shuji Niekawa being slashed. Setton seems worried about the guy, explaining that she was a fan of his work. It's at this point that Saika joins the chat and begins spamming. During the spam, Setton mentions that other chat forums seem confused as to how to deal with this. The entire chat is mostly observing the spam when Saika suddenly begins to talk about Shizuo Heiwajima. Tanaka Taro PM's Kanra seemingly testing whether or not he's behind this, only to have Kanra reply in a similarly confused manner.

Elsewhere in Saburo Togusa 's van, Kyohei Kadota is watching the News on his phone, while commenting on there having been 50 slashings the previous night. Walker Yumasaki ,and Erika Karisawa then begin to discuss what sort of anime character would be behind such an event.

Kyohei recalls that the first accident from half a year ago, a gangster was cut in the cheek but he was ignored by the police. Following that, a business man was slashed, Then a couple on Christmas. Kyohei questions Walker and Erika if they've heard anything about the slasher or the victims, but Walker and Erika seem to ignore Kyohei. Clearly annoyed by their lack of interest; Kyohei begins shouting at them, explaining that if they ever committed a crime the media would never let it down. "The uber-nerds who could no longer tell the difference between manga and reality."

Walker then goes off on a tirade about the differences between 2D and 3D. A portion of his rant goes to explain that Erika and himself would never commit such a crime, because a true nerd knows the difference between 2D and 3D and chooses 2D anyday. Erika then makes a comment about the media being fully aware of what they're doing. Everyone in the car suddenly receives a text from the dollars admin (Mikado Ryuugamie).

We scene cut to Celty Sturluson who is checking that very same text message. She expresses concern over who the slasher is, deciding then that she couldn't allow this to continue because Ikebukuro is her home. Shinra then enters the room, suggesting that Celty doesn't stress out too much but simply do what she can. Shinra and Celty discuss the the slashings, Shinra then tells Celty about a killer from five years ago. The killer murdered in a similar fashion, barging his way into his most recent victims home and cutting them down. Aside from those two people he murdered, all the other victims were left with only minor injuries. With this train of thought, the Underground Doctor mentions 'Saika'. Celty immediately panics, shouting about the troll who had been frequenting the chatroom lately. Upon calming Celty down a bit, Shinra goes on to explain 'Saika' the 'demonic blade'.

Since a demonic blade is a rather odd claim, Celty seems to shrug it off as an impossibility, questioning whether or not Shinra really is a realist. To this, the illegal doctor merely brings up Celty's irrational fear of 'grey faced' aliens, which draws a fairly strong reaction of fear from the Dullahan. Following this, Celty prepares to leave. Shinra questions her destination only to have Celty coldly tell him that: "You've read my chatlogs, so you should know.".

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